Breast Enlargement – Tips to Choose your Size

//Breast Enlargement – Tips to Choose your Size

Breast Enlargement – Tips to Choose your Size

Breast enlargement is a very common procedure for women who have:

  • small breasts due to inadequate development
  •  breasts that has reduced in size due to weight loss or pregnancy
  • Sagging breasts
  • Different size breasts
  • Breast surgery for tumors

When you choose to have breast implants, it is very important to understand basic principles to have natural looking breasts and avoid future problems.

Patient can participate in the decision to choose adequate size for their breasts but your surgeon is the most important person to advice you on the correct choice to have a long term good result.

The surgeon will help you determine the size by measuring:

  •  your breast width,
  • distance between the nipple and breast crease,
  • thickness of your skin and breast tissue and
  • Elasticity of the skin.

These are the key elements to decide the appropriate size of the breast.

The chosen implant diameter should be at least 10% smaller then the breast width and the projection depend upon the skin elasticity and overlying skin/ breast thickness. If an implant diameter is bigger than the breast it will look round, unnatural and protrude outside the breast boundary. If the implant has a very high projection then it can cause excessive fullness in the upper part of breast and also cause compressive effect on the breast tissue. This can lead to thinning of breast tissue over a period of time and the implants are more visible and can cause rippling effect.

Last but not the least very large implants can add excessive weight to the breast and cause more sagging.

A reasonable size implant looks more natural and lasts longer without much problem.

By Dr Sanjay Parashar, Specialist Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director of Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation

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