Choosing a Plastic Surgeon? – 25 Points to Look for.

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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon? – 25 Points to Look for.

  1. What is the medical background?

Plastic surgeons have to complete 5 ½ Years of medical schooling including 1 year of Internship Then based on their merit they are selected for General surgery training that includes 3 years of residency training. After passing a qualifying examination they undergo training in Plastic surgery for 3 years. Following which they appear for Plastic surgery examination. Dr. Sanjay then passed another examination in Plastic surgery to qualify for Diploma in National Board. After that he underwent fellowship training in the subspecialties such as Aesthetic surgery, Craniofacial surgery, laser, etc.

  1. What are his qualifications?

Dr. Sanjay’s qualifications include MBBS; Masters in Surgery; Master in Art of Plastic Surgery, MCh; Board certification, Dip National Board of Plastic Surgery.

  1. What fellowship training does he have?

Dr. Sanjay have the following fellowships Fellowship of International College

of Surgeons (USA) Fellowship in Microvascular & Reconstructive Surgery (India)

Fellowship in Aesthetic & Laser Surgery (Bahrain, USA, Australia)

Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery (USA, Australia)

  1. How long is he practicing?

18 years

  1. How many surgeries he have done?

Liposuction & Tummy Tuck over 1500; Breast Surgery over 500; Rhinoplasty/ Face Lift, etc. about 200 each.

  1. What is the complication rate?

Less than 0.01%

  1. What is the patient satisfaction rate?

Very high, nearly 95%

  1. Are there written testimonials?

There are several written testimonials

  1. Do they have a team?

We have a very experienced team that includes doctors, nurses, patient educator, administrative staff & patient coordinator.

  1. Do they have a follow-up system?

We have a standard follow-up system to ensure that patient are not suffering from pain, ensure good healing and to continuously educate them.

  1. Is he updated (CME) and academically active?

Dr. Sanjay has been regularly attending conferences and CME programs. He has presented many scientific papers in conferences and international journals. He is regularly invited as speaker in conferences.

  1. Do they have technological support?

We have all the latest equipment & technology to support our services in order to provide alternative options and combination treatments to enhance results.

  1. Is he affiliated with accredited hospitals?

Dr. Sanjay is affiliated with JCIA accredited hospitals in Dubai and used for Surgical procedures.

  1. What is his reputation in the region?

Dr. Sanjay is very well known in UAE and the region. He is well respected among his peers. His reputation attracts patients from USA, Europe, UK, Nigeria, India, etc.

  1. What is his personality type?

E.g. patience, communication skills, bedside manner He is very soft spoken & extremely patient with his clients and staff, he has very good communication skills and always educate patients and clients.

  1. How does their staff grade him?

The staff has seen his work, they believe in what he do and are proud to be part of the team.

  1. Are they Approachable, Accessible,

Affordable? (triple AAA) Dr. Sanjay and his staff are very approachable and are always happy to

answer any queries and concerns a patient may have. The services are value for the money and the quality is never compromised.

  1. Is the surgeon artistic, ambidextrous with stable hands?

Dr. Sanjay is very artistic and is ambidextrous with stable and gentle hands.

  1. Are they professional & honest?

Our team is very professional and we ensure that every patient gets an honest opinion.

  1. Do they have International standard protocols in place?

We have Standard protocols laid by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (USA) to ensure safety and highest standards of practice.

  1. Do they have pain management protocol?

We have a pain management protocol for even the simplest of the procedures like anti aging shots, fillers to major surgeries like body lift.

  1. Do they have a medical/ nonmedical network to support the patient?

We have a wide medical network to refer patients in case they need other medical management. Our support includes from nutritionist, physical trainer, psychologist, travel & limousine services.

  1. Do they participate in teaching and training?

Dr. Sanjay is regularly invited to various conferences to train colleagues & students. He conducts teaching and training regularly in the centre. Dr Sanjay has written a book on Plastic Surgery “Revealing the skin I’m in” which shares his experience and insight on this section.

  1. Are they committed to their profession?

We are absolutely committed to our profession and passionate about our services. Our primary interest is patient’s well being.

  1. Do they have individualized code of ethics that they follow?

We have our code of ethics that we follow to fulfil our social responsibility and responsibility as a doctor.

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