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Breast Reduction DubaiBreast Reduction surgery is undertaken to trim down and reshape large breasts by removing excess skin and underlying tissue. The procedure can also be used to correct and reduce outsized areola and nipples.

Large, oversized breasts not only mar your aesthetic appeal, but can distort your posture, causing difficulty in breathing, backache, neck ache, cause irritation in the skin crease, and make exercise very difficult.

Breast reduction is performed either in the hospital or the office surgical facility depending on the procedure, and is done under general anesthesia.

At Cocoona, we specialize in the Lejour technique of breast reduction, in which minimal incisions are used to achieve the desired result.

The Lejour procedure takes about two to three hours to complete. Post-operative discomforts are controlled by prescriptions, while a downtime of one or two weeks is sufficient for recovery. It is observed that most women are able to return to their normal routine within one or two weeks of the surgery.

Note: This procedure may impair one’s ability to breast feed, so please take note of this in your decision.

Our team at Cocoona, Dubai has performed over 1,000 breast surgeries, so you can be rest assured that you are in the safest pair of hands for your breast surgery. For the best results from breast reduction surgery or to find out more about our breast reduction procedure, call us at +971 4 3941090 or click here for our online query form.

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Disclaimer: It is quite important to understand that effectiveness, results, pain thresholds and associated risks of a procedure or treatment will differ patient to patient. It’s because every patient is unique and his/her biological response to treatment is different. We always advise to have an individual one-on-one consultation with a qualified doctor before the procedure or treatment.