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Crowns:   Crowns, unlike veneers, cover the whole tooth and are used when a large area of the tooth has already been lost. Crowns are made from a variety material and are designed to meet a patient’s need or requirement. Apart from their aesthetic appeal crowns are also used to strengthen weak teeth.

Bridges: Missing a tooth? Don’t worry, at Cocoona we can replace your missing teeth with “bridges”(False Prosthetic Teeth) that effective cover the gap, and bring back your smile.
Unlike removable dentures, false tooth/teeth can be implanted inside the mouth using the support of the adjoining teeth, and with care, can remain there for an indefinite period of time. Bridges come in many shapes and forms and can be tailored to meet all patient’s needs and requirements.
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Disclaimer: It is quite important to understand that effectiveness, results, pain thresholds and associated risks of a procedure or treatment will differ patient to patient. It’s because every patient is unique and his/her biological response to treatment is different. We always advise to have an individual one-on-one consultation with a qualified doctor before the procedure or treatment.