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Introducing Inhalation Sedation - Is a safe and simple solution to relieving the fear of dental treatment for both adults and children.

Laughing your way to the dentist! Going to the dentist is not high on the list of fun things to do for anyone, but for some people it is a very real, a very genuine dread and fear. More often than not this fear stems from a previous bad experience that has festered in the sub-conscious. Unfortunately such fears can prevent people from getting preventative care in time and the fear escalates when they finally visit the dentist because of toothache. However, there is a way out! inhalation-sedation As the name suggested, the sedation is achieved through inhalation producing a state of conscious relaxation. The Laughing GAS is made up of nitrous oxide and oxygen and is inhaled through a small mask that fits comfortably over the nose. The masks come in various sizes and pleasant smells such as strawberry. Nitrous oxide is sweet smelling, colourless and non-irritant. No needles are used to introduce the sedation definitely a plus. Another advantage is that the sedation is induced within 5-10 minutes of introduction and can be reversed in the same time frame. Although the patient is sedated they are conscious and in control if they want to stop at any time. There is no need to fast prior to the procedure and the patient can drive after and is able to go back to work (should they want to!). Inhalation sedation is also very safe and effective for children and can significantly reduce the need for general anesthesia. At Cocoona Dental, Dr. Ashee looks to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for all her patients; adults and children alike; and the introduction of Inhalation Sedation makes this much easier to achieve. Dr. Ashee has a passion for working with children and creating a fun environment for children so that they actually look forward to coming to the dentist. She encourages parents to bring their children to the dentist from a young age so that they get familiar with the environment and often play at being the dentist themselves. However, not all children are used to coming to the dentist from a young age and unfortunately she still sees many instances where a child comes to the dentist for the first time with toothache. This can be a difficult situation to handle as the child is obviously distressed and in an unknown environment. In such cases the inhalation sedation works wonders, the child is relaxed and whilst they are laying back and watching cartoons she is able to treat them and relieve their toothache without creating a state of anxiety for them. Inhalation sedation is not just for children, nervous adults can also benefit from its use.
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