Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing

///Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing
Teeth Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing2018-08-26T13:36:14+04:00
Maintaining dental hygiene and oral health is utmost important as most of the internal infections and disorder can be caused from dental bacteria or viruses. Pearly white and straight teeth help to increase confidence as well. Ensuring optimum dental health helps to prevent gum diseases, misaligned teeth and other painful dental disorders. Apart from this, clean and healthy teeth are also stronger and last longer. There are certain circumstances where your teeth may lose their bright natural color and may become discolored. It is important to get teeth cleaning and our experts cosmetic dentists at Cocoona are here for you to help. How is Teeth Cleaning done? Teeth cleaning procedure is a comprehensive dental process. It aims to loosen and remove the tartar and plaque accumulated in your teeth and making the teeth surface smooth. Teeth cleaning will help to remove the small and large pieces of plaque (soft bacteria film) from the teeth. The tartar (calculus) accumulated between the gum and the teeth are also efficiently removed.  This is an effective way to get clean and healthier teeth.  We at Cocoona advise our patients, irrespective of how healthy their dental cleansing habits are, they should see a dentist once evert six months. Are there different types of Teeth Cleaning techniques? Yes, there are several teeth cleaning techniques in use. We use the most advanced and effective teeth cleaning technique and ensure optimal prevention of gum and teeth diseases. These are the several popular techniques used for performing a dental teeth cleaning procedure: Ultrasonic This is mostly the initial type of technique used for teeth cleaning. It uses small vibrations to loosen large pieces of tartar using sound energy. Along with it, the instrument also sprays a cool jet of water to wash away the loosened tartar debris. The cool water also helps to make the procedure more comfortable. The dental surgeon will simply move the handheld ultrasonic instrument along the insides of the teeth. The instrument has a curved tip which can easily reach behind the teeth without even having to touch. The intensity of the ultrasonic frequency can be easily adjuster according to your comfort. This is a virtually painless dental procedure as it is non-invasive in nature. How is Teeth Scaling done? Apart from removing the accumulated tartar and plaque, this procedure also includes removing the smaller pieces of plaque and tartar. These are often seen between the gum and the teeth line as well as under the gum also. Teeth scaling is the next step in teeth cleaning. It requires using manual scraping dental tools. These are intricate curved tools to match the profiles of teeth for efficient operation. Gentle to moderate pressure is applied to scrape off the smaller pieces of tartar. Repeated scraping removes the tough plaque easily. How is Polishing done? Polishing is the next step in a comprehensive teeth cleaning procedure. In this, the dental surgeon will use a small instrument with a soft rubber cup attached to the end. A special gritty prophylaxis paste is used to provide the right friction to the rubber surface. This mixture is filled in the cup which is then rotated at a significantly slow speed. The gritty texture, coupled with the gentle pressure from the rotating rubber cup, successfully smoothen the outer visible surface of the teeth. This helps to clean the teeth completely and prevent various periodontal diseases. Why to choose Cocoona for Teeth Cleaning? Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation is a leading cosmetic healthcare center in the UAE and elsewhere in many countries. It has some of the most expert and highly-qualified cosmetic and dental professionals on board. This ensures that you get the best and most effective teeth cleaning in the UAE.  
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