Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening2018-08-26T13:40:40+04:00
Many systems are available, at Cocoona dental, two types of teeth whitening procedures are practiced; in-office and home whitening. Home teeth whitening Dubai  system involves bleaching one’s teeth at home but under a dentist prescription. The idea is to wear lightweight custom made trays which closely fit the teeth so that the bleaching gel held inside the trays covering only the teeth and not the gums. The trays are to be worn for 30 to 60 minutes every day for a period of 2-3 weeks or until the desired result shade is achieved. There are two types of In-office teeth whitening laser whitening and Zoom. Zoom uses a light activated unit in combination with Hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and is very popular amongst our patients. The light activates the chemical reaction of the bleaching gel applied onto the teeth whilst you sit in the dental chair. The light shines for 15 minutes and the colour of the teeth assessed after every 15 minutes. The procedure can be repeated up to 4 times, all in the same appointment. Laser teeth whitening Dubai is a similar process but instead of light it uses a laser to activate the chemical reaction and the procedure is for around 30 minutes. These techniques are suitable for patients who want to come in and have the whitening done in a couple of hours, rather than having the responsibility of wearing the trays at home for so many days. Some patients may require a combination of both to achieve the desired result, whilst some may require the home system only as a maintenance kit.
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