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Understanding The Basic Facts About Anti-Aging Injections/ Fillers

Anti-aging injections which are also popular by the name of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are two of the most common treatments used by people to prevent the signs of aging. Given below are some basic facts about the two.

Anti-Wrinke Injections

These injections, which mostly contain the toxin, prove helpful in relaxing the muscles and avoid the creasing of skin that is a major cause of wrinkles. Not many people are aware of the fact that all anti-wrinkle injections are prescription drugs and should be applied only by a qualified medical practitioner to avoid any risks and complications. The affect of an anti-wrinkle injection lasts for3-4 months and can cause temporary side effects such as drooping of eyelids, headache, redness and swelling at the bruising site and numbness and nausea.


The fillers help in changing the facial profile of the patients to make it look younger. The ingredients of fillers fill in deep folds under the skin, including the nasolabial folds besides helping to create fuller lips, cheeks and eyes. Initially, collagen was the main ingredient of filler injections, but it has now been replaced by hyaluronic acid. The effects of fillers last for anywhere between six and twelve months. Injecting fillers might cause temporary side effects like bruising, infection and allergic reactions while fillers can lead to more complicated and long term side-effects.


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Disclaimer: It is quite important to understand that effectiveness, results, pain thresholds and associated risks of a procedure or treatment will differ patient to patient. It’s because every patient is unique and his/her biological response to treatment is different. We always advise to have an individual one-on-one consultation with a qualified doctor before the procedure or treatment.