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Cocoona Nonsurgical 3D VoluLift: non-surgical-faceliftThe harmonious fullness of face is the key to youthfulness. Many people lose the valuable face volume as part of their weight loss plan or due to aging. Many young people are concerned about unwanted loss of facial volume that takes away the youthful looks. Surgical Face lift is the gold standard since long time and there is no substitute for it. But a young patient may not be suitable for an extensive procedure or an ageing person may not want to take any risks and go through the healing process.

Volume Lift is the best answer as of date for their issues. A true 3 Dimensional lift is achievable by replacing volume in the face and allowing the skin to lift up in natural directions. Aim of 3 D lift is to move the sagging skin upwards and increase the projection and contours of the face. A 3 D Nonsurgical lift can be achieved using appropriate volume of filler material such as Hyaluronic acid based fillers or your own body fat.

Filler based 3D Nonsurgical Lift-

Hyaluronic acid based fillers are the safest material to inject in the face. Appropriate volumes are used in strategic places in the face. It can be used in the temple and brow area for brow lift, Medial and lateral cheek for midface lift and jawline and jowl areas for lower face lift. It is performed under local anesthesia without much downtime. An approximate 4-5 cc volume is sufficient on each side of the face for an adequate volume lift in many patients. Although it is not the final but adequate volume is maintained for upto 2 years in many patients.

Fat restoration based 3D non-surgical lift-

In most people fat is easily available resource for adequate volume enhancement. Fat can be removed with a syringe from tummy, hips or thighs. Fat is injected in the temporal areas, brows, upper eyelid sulcus, tear trough areas, cheeks, jaw line, chin and lips. An approximate volume of 50-80 cc restores the youthful fat and lifts the skin along with contouring of the face. Fat also has potential cells to improve the quality of skin by neocollagen formation. It may appear too full in the beginning due to swelling but within few days it starts appearing natural. So it is wise to use the fat in the face to restore youthfulness before you lose it all. It is the most natural way of face lifting and rejuvenation that can last long.

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