Non Surgical Facelift: Ultherapy

///Non Surgical Facelift: Ultherapy
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Ultherapy is the only FDA approved non-invasive procedure for face lift. It can be used to Brow lift, neck lift and under chin.

How does it work?

The Ultrasound technology stimulates and produces new elastin and collagen, deep with-in the skin. It's completely non-surgical method which tightens tissues with no downtime and side effects.

Aging is an unavoidable truth of life and as we grow old, collagen weakens and elastin breaks causing loose and sagging skin. Loss of elastin causes brow lines, loose neck skin or wrinkles on the face/decollete.

ULTHERAPY works from the inside out to tighten and lift skin in a non-invasive way, unlike the radio frequency or laser which works from the outside. The main difference or the advantage of the Ultherapy is that it penetrates deep into the skin up to 4.5 mm without damaging the skin surface. This depth otherwise can only be reached by surgical method and hence Ultherapy is effective alternate to facelift in a NON-SURGICAL method.


Highlights and Advantages of Ultherapy:

  • See A Higher Brow
  • See A Tighter Neck
  • See A Lift Under The Chin
  • See A Smooth Chest
  • Natural Looking Results
  • No Toxins Of Fillers
  • Non-Surgical Method
  • It's Ultrasound
  • Effect Last Long

No Downtime:

There might be mild redness, swelling and tenderness that lasts for few hours. This technology delivers a firmer, younger and tighter looking skin with no downtime. It requires only one session to get the results.

At Cocoona our specialist plastic Surgeons understand the facial aspect and have an artistic eye to predict the results. We specialize in this field and Ultherapy machine adds that great amount of advantage to our fleet of adding the latest in technology to our centre. Now look younger with no downtime and keeping safety as the priority. Meet our specialist for a consultation and what to expect from this unique procedure. Call / or email us at

Cocoona's Non-Surgical Facelift: Ultherapy Prices

Brow 1,575 AED 3,150 AED
Upper Face 2,625 AED 5,250 AED
Lower Face 5,250 AED 10,500 AED
Neck 5,250 AED 10,500 AED
Full Face 7,875 AED 15,750 AED
Full Face + neck 11,550 AED 23,100 AED
Lower Face + neck 7,875 AED 15,750 AED

Before After Results:





Under the Chin




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