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PRP-Plus-Plasma-FillersOne of the most important constituent of our blood is Platelets. Activated platelet provides several kinds of growth factors such as transforming growth factors, fibroblast growth factors, vascular endothelial GF, insulin like GF, which are a natural source, nontoxic or non immunogenic.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has demonstrated that it stimulates the stimulation and proliferation of fibroblasts, osteoblasts, chondrocytes and mesenchymal cells.

Concentrated growth factors are prepared by combining PRP with CD34+ stem cells. This is termed as PRP PLUS / PRP+ or second generation PRP or PRP PLUS / PRP+ along with concentrated growth factors helps in angiogenesis, boosting collagen synthesis, tissue healing and reduces dermal scarring.

How is PRP PLUS / PRP+ different than PRP?

PRP is platelet rich plasma whereas PRP PLUS / PRP+ has additional CD34+ stem cells. CD 34 is a transmembrane phosphoglycoprotein , a cell surface marker that is expressed by a broad range of cells including hematopoietic, stromal, epithelial and endothelial cells. PRP PLUS / PRP+ is prepared from mixing PRP with the CD34 cells.

The preparation involves use of a specialized phase separating machine which has 4 differentiated accelerations along with temperature control device. This process divides blood into four components- serum, PPP, PRP, Concentrated growth factors, Red blood and fragments. This process permits isolation of much larger, denser and richer in growth factors fibrin matrix. A special device is used to precisely separate the different components, PRP is then mixed with CD34 cells to prepare PRP PLUS / PRP+.

What are Plasma Fillers?

Gel like filler material is produced from patients own blood. Hence it is autologous and natural filler material. The process of preparation of PRP PLUS / PRP+ is extended further to produce fibrin gel using a machine with optimized temperature of 37 degrees. The resulting gel like material is derived from patients own body, hence they are natural, they also contain CD34 cells that are abundant in growth factors. The gel when injected in the face has volumizing effect at the same time it is useful as controlled-release carrier of growth factors that keeps building tissues under the skin over a long period of time. Plasma fillers are becoming more popular than the usual hyaluronic acid based fillers because of less risks and natural outcome.

What are the benefits of PRP Plus in human body?

Because PRP plus have abundant concentrated growth factors a small volume has significant clinical benefits. It has wide applications –

  1. Hair loss- PRP PLUS / PRP+ provides abundant growth factors to the germinative cells of the hair thus increasing neovascularization and promoting hair growth. It increases the anlagen phase of hair growth therefore reduces hair fall and increases the life cycle of hair.
  2. Skin rejuvenation - it increases dermal elasticity by repairing the photo- damaged extracellular matrix and induces synthesis of new collagen by dermal fibroblasts. Monthly injections of PRP PLUS / PRP+ in 3 sessions have shown significant improvement in face and neck skin
  3. Stretch marks- wound healing properties of PRP PLUS / PRP+ helps to repair the dermis of stretch marks. PRP plus in combination with fractional radio frequency can help improve the stretch marks significantly.
  4. Dermatological conditions such as lipodermatosclerosis, lichen sclerosis, poststeroidal deformities can be improved with PRP PLUS / PRP+
  5. Treatment of nasolabial folds, glabellar lines, marionette lines- Plasma fillers are the most natural way to treat facial lines and folds. If treated along with PRP PLUS / PRP+ it has long lasting improvement in the most natural way.
  6. Scars and contour deformities- Plasma Fillers are helpful in improving acne scars, old scars and contour defects of the face without risks of lumpiness etc

How safe is PRP PLUS / PRP+ and Plasma Fillers?

They are very safe because they are derived from patients own blood. There are no risks of reaction, lumpiness, Tyndall effect, skin discoloration. However, it needs to be performed in a clean and sterile area to minimize risk of infections.

How long does the result last?

Optional results can be achieved combining PRP PLUS / PRP+ and Plasma- fillers. It needs to be repeated every month for three sessions. The last have been documented to last 2 years with ongoing improvement in skin quality in a most natural way.

What does the procedure of PRP PLUS / PRP+ and Plasma- fillers involve?

PRP-Plus-Plasma-Fillers2The procedure starts with extraction of blood approximately 10-20 cc is taken in a special tube. The three step procedure of preparation of PRP PLUS / PRP+ and Plasma Fillers can take approximately 45 minutes. Meanwhile nurse will apply anaesthetic cream on your face. The procedure starts with antiseptic cleaning of the face. Some patients are given a small dose of inhalational anaesthesia called " Panthrox" so they are relaxed.

PRP PLUS / PRP+ is injected with a small needle at a more superficial level all over the face. This is followed by injection of Plasma Fillers in the key areas of the face to give a face lift effect.

What are the post procedure events?

There is mild redness all over the face and mild swelling in the face. The redness goes away after 24 hours and swelling subsides in 2-3 days. You can be back to work after the weekend. Occasionally you may get a bruise spot or so that may require 4-5 days to clear.

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