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Rhinoplasty Dubai - Cocoona If you are unhappy with the shape, size or position of your nose, or feel that your nose doesn’t go well with your face, then you are not alone. Rhinoplasty (colloquially called a “nose job”), is the world’s most popular plastic surgery procedure, and is used extensively for both aesthetic as well as purely health reasons. In fact, Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery is the most requested of all cosmetic procedures in Dubai as well.

How should one choose a surgeon for Rhinoplasty? How should one prepare for a Rhinoplasty? Who is not a good candidate for Rhinoplasty? First, you should choose a surgeon who does this operation with passion and is striving for perfection. He should have adequate training and should be producing ‘natural’ looking noses. If the post operative photo looks like a normal person and does not look operated, that is good. The surgeon should be listening to your requests and point of view and should be able to analyze the flaws for you in a clear and concise manner. It is also important to see that both, you the patient, and your surgeon have convergence on what the problem is and what is the end result you want.

How should you prepare for Rhinoplasty? A bit of soul searching is in order. Think about why you want to do it? Are you able to clearly identify what is wrong with the nose and which aspects you want changed? Or are you still confused? Are you ready to face the new face with the new nose and what is your tolerance for minor flaws? Who is not a good candidate? If you are doing it to please someone else or if you bargain mentally that Rhinoplasty will get you a better job or improve your prospects, you are not a good candidate. Again, if you are unsure of exactly what is wrong and what is to be changed or have a lot of worry about a small ‘imperfection’ on the nose it is unwise to proceed. If your surgeon does not have a customized plan for you and does every nose the same way then have a re-think, you do not need one-size-fits- all type of nose.

Modern Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery done with finesse can be surprisingly magical in the result and can have a high percentage of satisfaction. Over 10% of Rhinoplasties go for a revision so this has to be considered. Consider and clarify the cost implications for a revision, getting it right the first time is the best, so please choose your surgeon carefully.

Cocoona is committed to offering you excellence in cosmetic surgery since early 2000s. We have assembled a vibrant team of highly qualified surgeons and cosmetic surgery specialist to offer you top-notch “nose job” or nose surgery solutions right here in Dubai. Our surgeons, specializing in Rhinoplasty, can reduce the overall size, remove bumps, smooth away unwanted lumps, fix the tip, widen or narrow the width, straighten a crooked nose and even improve the angle between the nose and the upper lip, all in one procedure. Indeed, our exclusive Rhinoplasty treatment can give you a nose, that will make you feel proud and confident.

To learn about our exclusive Rhinoplasty procedure, and how it can help you improve your look and confidence call or click-through to our web query form.

At Cocoona Dubai, we have done over 400 Rhinoplasty or nose surgeries, under the expertise of the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai – Dr. Sanjay Parashar. To know more about what makes us the best clinic for Rhinoplasty Dubai has, call or visit us.

Now the decision to change the way you look rests with you!

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