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TreadliftWhat is Thread Lift? Thread lift is a non-surgical procedure in which special surgical threads are inserted underneath the skin to position the facial tissue in a certain “lifted” state, which gives the effect of skin tightening, similar to the one achieved by a Surgical Face Lift, though a bit less in intensity. Who needs Thread Lift? If we consider Thread Lifting a milder form of a Surgical Face Lift, logically we would assume that candidates for Thread Lifting are people who do want to correct their wrinkles, need some lifting of the face, but are not in such a stage of aging that a Surgical Face Lift would be justified. So, typically people in their mid thirties to mid forties are ideal candidates for this procedure. The function of threads in this procedure is not to hold the tissue lifted but rather stimulate natural body mechanisms for building up a richer network of collagen fibers and by so let the body itself take over the role of lifting. That’s why the majority of threads used in this types of procedures get dissolved with time, until the ultimately disappear fully, leaving behind newly built collagen fibers, which now hold the tissues “lifted” and reducing the wrinkling and sagginess of the face. What are the types of Thread Lift According to the life time of threads and the principle of their action, there are several types and techniques used in thread lifting. The treads themselves can be short lasting, long lasting . Additionally, they can be barbed or with cones. And as for the technique of thread application they depend of the type of threads, doctor’s training origin and patient’s individual case. Areas most commonly treated with a Thread Lift are: brows, cheeks, jowls and the neck area. They can also be used to give youthful tone to areas on the body such as the breasts, buttocks and upper arms. Vaginal threads are also available, helping to tighten the perineal muscles and vaginal passage, for both functional and aesthetic improvement. How much does Thread Lift cost? The cost of a Thread Lift is significantly lower than any surgical procedure of similar action. Of course, there is a difference in the intensity of lift between surgical procedure and the Thread Lift, but in patients that are good candidates for it, this procedure successfully replaces surgery. How to prepare for Thread Lift? Thread Lift procedure doesn’t require any special preparations nor does it have any downtime. Patients are prepared for the procedure upon arrival to the Clinic and within an hour of arrival, they can leave and go back to their everyday activities. What to expect after Thread Lift? It is important to understand the limitations of this procedure, as the result greatly depends on the skin’s individual ability to be lifted enough with threads. Many patients cannot understand that results of this non-surgical procedure and the results of a Surgical Face Lift cannot be compared due to so many reasons, and such patients are very likely to get disappointed in results of Thread Lifting. That’s why it is very important to choose the proper expert for the procedure, who is capable of advising the patient properly and in the same time explain what can be expected from a Thread Lift Procedure in their individual case. What are the risks of Thread Lift? Thread Lift procedures are very safe and minimally invasive. But two most common complications are infection of the skin and bruising. Both or these complications are solvable and the patient recovers in a very short period of time. Of, course, if the doctor performing the procedure is not qualified or not trained enough, more serious complications might occur.
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