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Isolaz: Skin-Purifying-Program-CocoonaIt's a revolutionary acne treatment that combines vacuum with broadband light to offer you a chance to purify and cleanse your skin inside out.

Isolaz allows you to:

  • Extract dirt, blackheads and even excess oil from deep within the pores of your skin.
  • Destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce facial redness.

Isolaz is ideal for those that have tried everything including antibiotics, topical, lasers and Accutane/Isotretinoin treatments, to no avail.

Isolaz is considered by many to be the most effective means of getting an acne free face. Moreover it is a quick and painless alternative to most conventional acne treatments. In fact, since there is no need for pre-treatment medication or topical anesthetic, most of our patients get their treatment done during their lunch breaks! Depending on the coverage area, the procedure hardly takes more than 15 to 30 minutes - it's undoubtedly the easiest, and the most convenient means to countering acne available in Dubai.

Feel refreshed and gain a healthy radiant glow with "zero" pain through Cocoona's Isolaz treatment Dubai. Find out more about our Isolaz treatment, and how it can help you, by calling +971 4 3941090 or click here for our online query form.

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