Arthroscopy- A minimally invasive surgical procedure

OrthoArthroscopy is a minor surgical procedure performed on the knee where the joint is viewed with the help of a small camera. Thus, the doctors get a clear view of the knee with the help of a camera which allow them to diagnose and treat knee problems. Our trained doctors, nurses and surgeons at Cocoona make use of high definition cameras and monitors to address knee joint issues successfully. Used for performing arthroscopy in Dubai, our technologically advanced and highly effective equipment  have made the treatment of knee problems quite easy and efficient.

Surgical procedure:

Arthroscopy is done with the help of small incisions. During the surgical procedure, our orthopedic surgeons insert the arthroscope which is a small camera instrument in the knee joint. This helps to get a clear image on the monitor or screen. The knee structures are shown in detail on the monitor or screen which helps the surgeon to understand the problem with the knee. They repair and remove the damaged tissue in an easy way.

Methodology that our surgeons and doctors implement:

Before the surgery, the doctor will conduct complete physical examination with the patient. They will assess the health of the patient and identify issues that can interfere with the surgery. Before the surgery, the doctor will ask the patient if they are on any medication or supplements. If surgery is considered as required, the doctor may ask to stop some of these medications and begin a few as per the problem in the knee. They will take into consideration all the vital and sensitive points to ensure a successful surgery. Some preoperative tests, blood samples, etc. might be taken before the surgery is conducted. In some cases where surgery is not required or recommended, proper therapy and medication will be advised to the patient to enjoy a healthy life.

The treatment may last from 30 minutes to hours depending on the severity of the problem. The patient may go home within an hour or two. Sometimes, a day or two rest may be needed in hospital. Arthroscopy is performed in following cases:

  • To reconstruct a torn anterior cruciate ligament
  • To remove inflamed synovial tissue
  • To remove or repair the torn meniscal cartilage, etc.


Recovery from arthroscopy is much quicker than traditional knee surgery. It is vital to follow instructions of the orthopedic surgeon after returning home. When you leave from the hospital, there will be dressing on the knee which needs to be kept clean and try. The doctor will advise you on the same. They will also tell about the postoperative treatment which they will begin to get the knee functioning in the normal way. Slowly and gradually you can return to your normal lifestyle. The doctors at Cocoona are highly trained and experienced to help you recover soon and give important advice which will relieve pain and allow the knee to function properly.If you think you need to go in for arthroscopy in Dubai, just get in touch with us for best diagnosis and appropriate knee treatment at affordable prices to enjoy healthy living.

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