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Treating patients with injuries, birth defects and degenerative disorders of the hand has been made easy with the help of latest innovations in medical technology.

At Cocoona, our team of surgeons - specialists whose major interest is improving both function and appearance of injured hands are ever ready to offer you the best in hand care solutions in Dubai, UAE. Hand surgery is one of our specialties and as one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Dubai, our range of quality hand surgical solutions is extensive to say the least, and includes procedures for:

Hand Injuries

Repairing injured hands is one of the most common hand surgical procedures. Surgery is used to fix injuries to the skin, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and joints; it can also be used to help fix fractured bones, burns, cuts etc. At Cocoona, we use our expertise to help patients with:

  • Skin, tendon and nerve repair
  • Grafting of skin, bone, nerves, or other tissue from a one part of the body to repair the injured part
  • Flap surgery or moving/stretching of skin and the underlying fat, blood vessels, and muscle from a healthy part of the body to the injured part
  • Replantation/Transplantation which involves restoring amputated finger or hands using microsurgery. It is one of the most intricate forms of hand surgery. Some injuries may require several procedures over an extended period of time.

In most cases, hand surgery can restore a considerable degree of function and feeling to the injured area. However, recovery may take some time, and a period of hand therapy will most certainly be needed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The buildup of pressure on the median nerve, referred to as the carpal tunnel syndrome is a debilitating disease that can result in numbness, aching, and impaired hand function. It is generally caused by disease like rheumatoid arthritis, injury, fluid retention during pregnancy, overuse, or repetitive motions.

In most cases carpal tunnel syndrome is cured with anti-inflammatory medications, however if the treatment fails then surgery may be required.

In the surgical procedure, an incision in the middle of the wrist and the pressure point is examined. Surgeons usually remove the tissue that's pressing on the median nerve, and thus provide instant relief. After surgery a large dressing and a splint are used to restrict motion and support healing.

Dupuytren's Contracture

Though painless, Dupuytren's contracture is thickening and contracture of underlying tissue beneath the skin on the palm and fingers. It results in thick, scar-like aberration forming all over the hand which restricts motion.

Dupuytren's contracture can only be cured through surgery. In the procedure the surgeon cuts away think bands of tissue, thus freeing the tendons and allowing better finger movement. The operation is performed by expert surgeons to avoid unnecessary damage to the underlying muscles and nerves and over tightening of abnormal tissue. Sometimes skin grafts are also used for aesthetic purposes.

The results of the surgery will depend on the severity of the condition. Physical therapy may be required to restore 100% functionality and control.

Congenital Deformities

Congenital deformities can cause significant problems in the use of one's hand. Luckily, with modern surgical techniques most congenital hand defects can be fixed at a very early age- in fact, in some cases during infancy, in others at 2 or 3 years-allowing normal functioning and development of the hand.

Syndactyly, in which two or more fingers are fused together, is one of the most common congenital hand deformities found in Dubai. The solution involves cutting the tissue that connects the fingers, then grafting skin on the same. Surgeons usually ensure a full range of motion and a fairly normal appearance.

Congenital defects include short, missing, or deformed fingers, abnormal nerves or blood vessels and immobile tendons. In most cases, these defects can be treated with plastic surgery.

Tendon Transfer Surgery

Surgery done to improve lost hand function and fix damage to hand tendons is called transfer surgery. A functioning tendon is shifted from its original attachment to a new one to restore the damaged part. The procedure is ideal for those suffering from an injury, especially to the median nerve.

To learn more about this complex procedure and how it can help you call our experts at 800 36 26 36.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Since the hand is a terribly sensitiHand Surgery Dubai @ Cocoona Dubaive part of the body, you might feel gentle to severe pain in your hand following the surgery. Our specialists will dictate injections or medication to help the recovery process. However the ability to resume your traditional activities will depend on the kind and extent of the surgery and speed with which your wound heals.

To enhance your recovery and provides you the fullest attainable use of your hand, our experts might suggest a course of rehabilitation (physical and activity therapy) under the direction of a trained therapist. Your care might represent hand exercises, heat and massage treatments, electrical nerve stimulation, splinting, traction, and special wrappings. As mentioned previously the duration of the therapy will depend on the extent of the surgery and speed with which your hand heals.

For more details regarding hand surgery in Dubai, or to know about our various hand surgical procedures, call us or complete our online query form.

Hand Injuries Avail a state-of-the-art treatment for all kinds of hand injuries:

Hand is an amazing work of anatomic engineering, very intricate in design and function. Any type of hand injury even if it is minute should be attended seriously. Any injury to the underlying structure of the hand may carry the potential risk for serious handicap. The expert team of orthopedic surgeons and doctors here at Cocoona Centre are engaged in the acute evaluation of the matter and try to reduce the serious implications of the same.

Types of Hand Injuries:

The hand is built of 27 bones in total including 8 bones of the wrist. A number of injuries may occur to the associated structures like nerves, ligaments and veins etc., when a trauma befalls the hand. Hand injuries include lacerations, contusions or bruises, fractures and infections. About 17% of all workday loss injuries relate to the hand. We at Cocoona make sure to cover different hand surgeries and offer exemplary treatment to patients.

The most prominent hand injuries recorded at various orthopedic treatment facilities are briefed below:

  • Boxer's Fracture: Boxer's fractures or brawler's fracture as it is medically termed as an injury to the bones of the hand forming the knuckles. The bones in the finger are connected to that of the wrists with mercaptal bones. A break in the neck of the mercaptals is what boxer's fracture is.
  • Broken Hand: A fracture or broken hand may be the result of a severe trauma, crush injuries, improper use of tools or workplace injuries. These may cause fractures or dislocations of certain joints and bones of the hand. We at Cocoona offer superior treatment for such injuries.
  • Finger Injuries: Finger injuries are very common hand injuries. These may range from minor cuts and lacerations to minor wounds and damage to the tendons, bones and ligaments. If taken callously, these injuries may lead to deformity and loss of function. Common finger injuries are finger nails injuries, broken finger bones, dislocation of finger bones and injury to the ligaments and tendons and nerve injuries.

Our team immediately caters to the patients needs and carries out a rapid and accurate initial treatment and evaluation of the various hand injury cases. They strive to do a quicker medical treatment so that both short term and long term effects of the trauma can be minimized.

Treatment at our centre:

The orthopedic experts at our centre are highly experienced in the field of treatment of hand injuries with any kind of severity. Even minute lacerations are dealt in depth by our surgeons with careful dressing and splinting. Various examinations and re-examinations are performed in case of dislocations and fractures to avoid the after implications of the injury. A state-of-the-art reduction procedure is followed for the dislocated and fractured bones.

The doctors and the attendants here at the Cocoona Centre look after the patients with utmost care and precaution. There are counselors here who will assist you in choosing the right treatment. The clinic is equipped with an avant-garde treatment facility for orthopedic surgeries. Our doctors are at the forefront to serve patients with complete dedication and care.

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