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Get supreme treatment for joint sprains and injuries

Joint sprains and injuries are very common. However, sometimes, it can be severe and cause great amount of pain and discomfort to the patient. At times a surgery is the only solution. Our doctors, surgeons and orthopedic team of skilled professionals is highly experienced in Joint Sprains and injuries. They take care of the patient from the beginning to the end and offer the best treatment that result in speedy recovery.

Types of Joint Sprains and injuries:

Most of the sprains and strains can be managed over the counter by taking pills and physiotherapy. These are soft tissue issues which can be minor and acute. If care is not taken then it may become chronic. Depending on the age, general health and injury, the time of recovery depends. Sometimes, sudden twists and jolts can cause greater pain to the tissues. Stretching beyond the capacity may lead to muscle tear. These injuries to soft tissues, come normally and may worsen with time. The difference between sprain and strain is:

  • Sprain: Ligaments are tough bands of connective tissues and the joint is enclosed inside a membrane hich is filled with synovial fluid to give extra cushioning against the impact. Sprain is a joint injury in which small tears may occur in joint capsules and ligaments and it included wrist, ankle and the thumb.
  • Strain: Muscles are anchored to joints with the help of tendons and injury to the tendons is a strain which occurs in hamstring, calf and the groin.


The severity depends on the condition of ligaments, tendons and tissues. When some fibers are torn but the function of the organ is not affected. It can be treated ith medicines and physiotherapy. Swelling may occur. If the loss of function and strength is to a little high extent and more fibers are torn then serious care may be needed in hospital. However, if the soft tissues are totally torn and there is considerable loss of function and strength, then surgical repair may be needed.


Our doctors and surgeons at Cocoona are engaged in helping the patients to recover from mild to severe joint sprains and strains. Our hospital is equipped with the latest equipments and technology to address the issues related to sprains and strains. They would assist the patient from beginning till the end. In certain cases where the issues are mild, the treatment is given for a short time where the patient can be healed with medicines and some normal exercises.

The doctors may suggest stopping the activity and advise to rest the injured area. For recurring, chronic and overuse injury, the surgeons will examine the patient condition and give necessary treatment. In case the condition is severed, surgery will be recommended and the surgeons will keep the patient under observation, check medical history, medication which a patient may be on and that may interfere with surgery. They would take complete precautions and treat the patient to help him or her enjoy smooth functioning of the organ. Pain killers will be given to relieve pain. The doctors aim to help the patient return to normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

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