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Get all the musculoskeletal conditions treated with advanced methods at Cocoona

Orthopaedic DubaiOrthopedic surgery is the branch of medicine which deals with the conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. We at Cocoona diagnose and offer surgical as well as non surgical treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. Our orthopedic surgeons have performed thousands of surgeries and offer comprehensive care in all areas of orthopedics like, sports injuries, ankle and foot injuries, spine surgery, hand and joint injuries, etc.

Types of orthopedic surgeries:

At Cocoona we are equipped with latest and advanced equipments and have experienced doctors and surgeons who offer extraordinary care to the patients. We address all types of musculoskeletal ailments like, arthritis, congenital deformities and much more with surgical as well as non surgical treatments. For bones we offer autograft (bone grafting), patellectomy, osteotomy, laminectomy, etc. For joints we cover the following treatments:

  • Arthroplasty (replacement): It is a total joint replacement surgery performed on the damaged joint with the artificial joint or prosthesis. When medications and exercises fail to improve the function of the joint, this surgery is done.
  • Arthroscopy: Our surgeons use arthroscopy to diagnose and assess the damage done to the joint that helps to remove or repair damaged cartilage so the rough joint surfaces can be smooth. It is done with the help of small camera inserted in the desired joint to check the issue. It is an advanced treatment.
  • Arthrodesis: This kind of surgery helps to relieve pain from the joint and offers stability. It is performed on ankle, spine, wrist, thumb and neck.
  • Synovectomy : It is the removal of diseases synovium a joint lining that can swell in the rheumatoid arthritis condition giving great pain, discomfort and disability to the patient. Our surgeons at Cocoona remove the diseased tissue to help one relieve from pain and swelling. This treatment is useful to treat hands, shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles.

Muscles, tendons and other orthopedic treatments and surgeries:

At Cocoona we give special care to patients for different treatments related to muscles, tendons, etc. We offer Fasciotomy treatment to our patient which is a surgical procedure in which the soft tissue component fascia is cut to relieve tension and pressure. This is a limb saving procedure. To treat chronic compartment stress syndrome, this procedure is done.

The other procedure is Distraction Osteogenesis in which skeletal injuries and deformities of the bones are corrected. It is most common for post traumatic surgeries. It helps to treat limb discrepancies that is caused wither by the old injuries or congenital conditions.

Other orthopedic treatments:

There are various other treatments which our orthopedic surgeons offer to correct the deformities with bones and muscles. It helps to improve the function of the organ and relieves one from pain. The patients are diagnosed and told about the procedure before the beginning of the treatment. In certain cases, physiotherapy can resolve most of the issues. The therapy can help to regain the strength in the organs and relieves one from pain and swelling. Surgery will be recommended only if the condition is severe.

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