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Gastric Balloon Dubai - Stomach Balloon Surgery Dubai Gastric Balloon Treatment – Weight loss by non-surgical methods

The prevalence of overweight & obesity in most countries has been increasing markedly over the past 2-3 decades. Obesity is a major risk factor cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes, high blood pressure & cancer, where it affects not only health but also life span.

To date, non-surgical treatments like dieting and medications have not been very effective & surgery like sleeve gastrectomy , gastric bypass, gastric band are currently accepted as the only treatment approach with long lasting success. But many people are afraid of surgery or are not fit for surgical criteria. For these people gastric balloon procedure is an alternate and effective choice.

  1. What is a gastric balloon? Gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon that is inserted into the stomach via mouth using an endoscope. It is  a day care procedure, meaning a person has to come in for 4-6 hours only. The procedure takes only about 20- 30 minutes to complete.
  2. How does it work? Partially filling the balloon system induces a feeling of satiety, thus reducing intake of food & aiding weight loss.
  3. Who is going to benefit? It is indicated for weight loss therapy for overweight and obese people with a body mass index (bmi)>27kg/m2
  4. What are the type of gastric balloon?
    1. Orbera
    2. Obalon
    3. Elipse
      • No Surgery
      • No Endoscopy
      • Swallowable Ballon
  5. Who should not consider this procedure ? People who have gastric ulcer, kidney failure, pregnancy etc.
  6. How much weight might a person lose? Actual weight loss depends upon many factors, like how well a person adapts to the balloon and how they alter tGastric Balloon Surgery Dubai - @ Cocoona Dubaiheir eating behaviour. A good aim is to try to average a loss of 1 kg per week, at least first three months that they have balloon system in their stomach, giving a total loss of about 10 - 15 kg.
  7. What is the life of the balloon & how is it removed? Gastric Balloon is indicated for a maximum of 6 months (Elipse balloon for 4 months ) and than it is removed by mouth using an endoscope.
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