Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution

///Non-Surgical Weight Loss Solution
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Gastric Ballon

Gastric Ball0on

The intragastric balloon is a soft silicon balloon that is inserted into the stomach and is filled up with saline solution. The balloon gives you a feeling of satiety, so it reduces portion size of meal thus resulting in weightloss by restriction. This is a non surgical method for patients who are either overweight or have failed dieting attempts.

Endoscopic Botox Injection

It is a procedure that speeds up weight loss by using injection of BOTOX into the stomach wall, which relaxes muscles of stomach and the person feels full more quickly and for long duration than normal , reducing the meal portion size. It takes 15-20 minutes and is a day care procedure.


Primary Obesity Surgery or POSE procedure is done endoscopically (via mouth) and does not require cuts or incisions through belly. In this procedure stitches are put into the stomach wall via mouth using endoscope, which once tied reduces the size and volume of stomach. Endoscopic method speeds recover time minimizes pain and leaves no visible scars and it is permanent like Sleeve surgery. The surgery usually takes about 1 hour.

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