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Cosmetic & General Dentist

Dr. Inas comes with a wealth of experience in crowns, bridges, root canal and general dentistry.

Dr. Inas has graduated from the Medical Institute I. I. Bogomolets in Kiew, Ukraine following which she has started her medical career with Royal Medical Services in Amman, Jordan, prior to moving into private sector practice where she gained broad international experience by practicing in Jordan, Canada, Kuwait and the U.A.E. and by owning and practicing for over five years in her own private clinic in Romania.

Inas was excited by the opportunity to join Cocoona in 2016 and has since established herself as the dentist to go to for all general, preventive, aesthetic, restorative, dental treatments and procedures, a trusted and highly regarded member of our staff, and due to her warm and kind nature as the doctor of choice for our children and young patients.

In addition to providing the highest level of dental care Dr. Inas always ensures that she takes sufficient time to explain her procedures with her patients, discuss treatment options and alternatives and build a solid doctor – patient relationship based on trust and professionalism, always striving for the best outcome from both a medical as well as human perspective, and thus giving our patients the comfort, trust and assurance of receiving the best service during their treatment. For this reasons of this she has developed a loyal and satisfied group of patients with Cocoona.

An avid learner and adopter of the newest techniques and technologies, Dr. Inas will ensure that her patients will constantly take advantage of the most up to date knowledge, techniques and treatments available in today’s modern dentistry.

Finally, it is worth noting that in addition to her medical credentials as dentist, Dr. Inas is a recognized general fitness and health specialist, a licensed fitness instructor and an active, passionate practitioner of sports and fitness activities in her leisure time.

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