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Dr. Raj is a world renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine doctor located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. He was born and raised on the beautiful the east coast of Canada, where he subsequently attended medical school.

To date, Dr. Raj is a board certified surgeon in the United States, Canada and Dubai.His cutting edge approach, impeccable results, and trailblazing attitude, makes him of the most sought after and altogether best Orthopedic Surgeon internationally.

In 2007, Dr. Raj relocated from Canada to Los Angeles, California, where he has successfully built a highly regarded medical and media clinic. His extensive media experience coupled with his esteemed surgical reputation has catapulted his career on the global scale.

Many prestigious accolades have been awarded to Dr. Raj. Of note is Super Doctors Southern California, where for the past 6 years Dr. Raj has been featured in the top five percent of doctors in Southern California-- an award based solely on peer-to-peer nominations. Moreover, “The Doctors” T.V. show has invited Dr. Raj to make multiple guest appearances regarding his wide range of expert advice; WebMD recognizes him as the go-to Orthopedist on all things hip and knee related; and, last but not least, he is an official medical news consultant to the ABC network.

When Dr. Raj is not behind the camera or scrubbing in for surgery, he was doing his part as a medical activist. Worth noting is Iraq Star, for which Dr. Raj provides pro-bono services to our injured and underinsured American soldiers, and also his work with the Dream Center of LA County where he implemented a childhood obesity program that mentors and educates inner city youth on healthy living.

Alongside his strong media presence and philanthropic work, Dr. Raj has worked on over five thousand surgical cases, many of which include top athletes, celebrities, business elite, prestigious international patients, royalty, and medical and VIP doctors themselves. Various top physicians consider Dr. Raj to be “the doctor's doctor,” indicating that if he has the trust of medical and licensed professionals, then he most certainly has the trust of his patients.

Aside from his commitment to revolutionize surgery, one of Dr. Raj’s most unique qualities is his preventative approach to medicine. Unlike many surgeons, Dr. Raj knows and understands the innovative alternatives to treating and healing his patients. This is exemplified in his active contribution to the world of  Holistic Medicine, of which his results are admirable. Dr. Raj sees the world of medicine is ever–changing and evolving, and it is exactly this type of tenacity that affords him to stand  firmly at the forefront of his industry.

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