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Consultant Laparoscopic General and Bariatric Surgeon.

Dr. Papp is a well-renowned laparoscopic (keyhole) surgeon with special clinical interest in general, metabolic and bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Ethical, patient-focused, and self-driven, Dr. Papp has been a Consultant Surgeon for over 12 years though he has specialized in minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at the very early stages of his practice that has span over 18 years for both elective and emergency procedures.

His professional confidence, dedication, on-point technical surgical skills, and the ability to develop and maintain positive internal and external relationships are key elements in his career success. Motivational and inspiring, Dr. Papp is capable of coaching and empowering individuals around him, enabling them to fulfill their potential whilst ensuring that they make a positive contribution to the setting. Being a vital team player, he also actively plays a role amongst other surgeons and partakes in other surgical procedures such as endoscopy.

On the theoretical side, life long learning is a top priority in Dr. Papp’s mindset where he actively participates in conferences, and maintains thorough knowledge that is up to date on the latest technological surgical advancements that ultimately enhance the quality of life of patients.

Dr. Papp has completed his medical degree in Hungary at Semmelweiss University. He then went on to complete the CCT in the Hungarian specializing system (MS). He moved to the United Kingdom in 2009, where he has worked as a Consultant General surgeon for 3 years.

His expertise lies in all laparoscopic abdominal surgeries, stomach, gallbladder, appendix, colorectal, hernias, anti reflux and particularly complex care bariatric surgery (including, and not limited to: gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric banding) which was his main area of focus over the past 8 years.

Dr. Papp quotes: “We should find the right patient for bariatric surgery with good indications, and tailor the perfect procedure for them accordingly for maximum success and optimal results, whilst minimalizing any surgical complications.” – That is his primary goal in his career.


  • Hungarian College of Surgeons
  • Hungarian Thoracic surgery chamber
  • GMC full registration with specialist registration
  • MOH Oman Senior Consultant Surgeon
  • Member of Omani metabolic and Bariatric society
  • Member of European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons
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