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Cocoona is revolutionizing the way aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery is practiced. Cocoona has a robust framework that follows professional strategies, international safety protocols, ethical practice and evidence based medicine. On this framework cocoona is building an institute that will be the final destination for people desiring improvements in their physical appearances.

Cocoona has already achieved a benchmark/milestone with thousands of people benefitting from high quality and safe aesthetic medicine and surgery practise. Well balanced professional team of Doctors, Therapist, Nurses, patient coordinators, Front desk and customer service. The experienced team always takes utmost care and demonstrate high values to deliver nothing less than perfection. This combined efforts has displayed in our annual work audit demonstrates that the risk and complications have been negligible and results have been exceptional.

Demand for cosmetic surgery has increased phenomenally over past few years. It’s no more a celebrity treatment but is becoming popular among all groups since its coming with minimal risk and at an affordable cost. Cocoona has attracted people attention worldwide and every year there is a large number of people coming from USA, Europe, Nigeria, Australia, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan to yield the benefit of our high quality services in a very competent price. Backed by our experience, insights and market study, we have identified the need of such a framework in GCC and Asia, so people in the region experience the same outcome with minimal risks. Thus cocoona is inviting entrepreneurs, business partners and franchisee operators to come forward and join hands to improve the quality of healthcare in our society and help us establish high standard ethical and professional institutes. Celebrating the success in Dubai and Delhi, we are ready and equipped to spread our wings in the form of Franchisee Network in GCC and Asia

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