Steps To Become

//Steps To Become
Steps To Become2016-04-20T11:48:44+04:00
1. Qualifying
  • Apply by filling in the franchise application form
  • Application form will be reviewed by the franchise committee
2. Legal
  • Begin the process by sending us a signed letter of intent (LOI) and pay a portion of the franchise fee
  • Sign the franchise agreement within 30 days and pay the balance of the franchise fee
3. Creating a project plan - phase 1
  • Select a location
  • Get our approval on the chosen location to proceed
  • Start the licensing, decoration & fit out process
4. Creating a project plan - phase 2
  • Begin scouting and recruiting good qualified people (staff) for your Centre. They will be trained ………………….weeks prior to the opening.
  • Go through the operation training manuals and get yourself acquainted with the Cocoona ways
5. Congratulations! We are now open for business
  • Celebrate a grand opening with the Cocoona opening team on site
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