Is Hair transplant still a mystery?

//Is Hair transplant still a mystery?

Is Hair transplant still a mystery?

Hair loss problem is increasing these days in the world. There many reason for this problem to increase at a higher pace. Especially in Middle east and UAE the problem is higher, many people are facing hair loss and baldness at an early stage and are looking for possible solutions to restore hair. There are various myth and questions on Hair Restoration surgeries in peoples mind. Many still believe it is a dangerous procedure and may case lot of problems. Many has myth that life cannot be normal post the surgery when it comes to hair care. Is it a safe procedure, is it painful, will hair grow as normal and many more such thoughts come in people mind who are looking for this surgery. Hair Transplant or hair restoration is a safe, effective and a solution for baldness. With the advance technology and experience surgeons, this cosmetic surgical procedure is creating wonders. It is changing lives of many people and also helping them to opt for this procedure and continue their life as usual. The procedure takes 6-8 hours depending on the number of grafts that will be transplanted. From the donor area, the hair grafts are extracted and planted in the needed area. FUE is a non scar technique in hair restoration, a local anaesthesia is given for the procedure and using FUE machines are hair are removed and transplanted back in the respective area. A FUT method comes with a short strip that is taken from the back side of the head and hair follicles are separated to transplant them in the needed area.  Few skilled surgeons combine these 2 techniques to give amazing results. A major factor for success depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon, it can lead to an amazing hair transplant of a disaster. So its very important to choose the right surgeon for this procedure. Check the past work, check for credentials, check for the years of experience, before after results, is the surgeon honest, how comfortable is the patient with the surgeon, does he has a customs plan for each individual. His is the facility, does it has all the necessary equipment, safety standards and more.  All these questions should be considered while choosing the right surgeon and centre. Cocoona  Centre is one of the most busiest Hair Restoration centre with experience surgeons on boards. The Plastic surgeons has performed thousands of Hair transplant cases in Dubai and India. Reach the experts in this industry for any clarification, questions, anxiety, myths,  consultation and procedure itself. Contacts: or call +97143884589  
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