Liposuction is defined as the removal of fat deposits from under the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (micro & mini cannulae) connected to a power vacuum. It may be done under general anesthesia, IV sedation or local anesthesia. With the introduction of the wet /super wet technique where the area is infiltrated with saline solution with adrenalin & bicarbonate-blood loss from this procedure has been considerably reduced making it a very safe procedure. Thus it is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures done worldwide.

Several techniques have been developed - starting with the tumescent technique where fat is removed under local anesthesia with a large syringe and canulla. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction, VASER ultrasonic liposuction, Laser Liposuction, also known as Smart lipo, helps to emulsify the fat making it easier to remove. Power assisted liposuction like vibro-liposuction causes a rapid vibration of the canulla helping to remove fat more efficiently. ProLipo Plus, LipoLife Lipo Therme and LipoControl are all variations of Laser Liposuction to remove fat more efficiently.

Complications like excessive liposuction, irregularities, bleeding, hematomas, seromas, bruising etc may occur. Complications of general anaesthesia also have to be considered.

Preventing complications is the most important concern of the patient as well as the surgeon and this is done by proper patient selection, limiting fat removal to safe limits and discourages unrealistic expectations.

By: Dr. Sanjay Parashar Specialist Plastic Surgeon
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