Rejuvenate your Skin with Skin Peels

//Rejuvenate your Skin with Skin Peels

Rejuvenate your Skin with Skin Peels

Peeling Skin has two layers, outer layer is called epidermis and inner layer is dermis. Outer layer again has 5 layers with the youngest cells and pigment containing cells at the bottom and oldest at the top. Younger skin has regular shedding of outer layer and formation of new cells. With age the cell turnover slows down and dead cell starts accumulating causing skin wrinkling, pigmentation problem, freckles etc Peeling is a skin treatment that removes top layers of the skin and stimulates cell cycle. Microdermabrasion or scrubs are mechanical way of removing some of the top dead cells whereas peeling is done using special solutions. Glycolic acid or AHA is the mildest form of peel that removes some of the dead cells and improves the texture of the skin, reduces acne and causes some rejuvenation. Salicyclic acid along with other solutions likes Retinoic acid/ AHA  eg Jessners peel, forms a moderate peeling lotion that helps removal of more layers of skin cells that may be visible for few days. It helps to reduce superficial pigmentations, freckles, marks and shallow scars/ wrinkles. Blue peel/ Green peel are some other commercial peels which have combination of solutions to remove skin layers. Tricholoroacetic acid (TCA peel) & Phenol are stronger solution that causes  removal of more layers of the skin and thus help for some deeper skin problems,  but carries risk of pigmentation if not adequately protected. Fractionated Laser is a new technology that causes peeling by thermal reaction apart from removing top skin layer it stimulates the collagen in the second layer of skin causing skin tightening as well. Advantage is that the depth can be controlled depending upon the skin type and problem. If any of the peels breaches the deep layer then it can causing skin scarring. Depending upon the problem in the skin and type of skin (type I being very fair with blonde hair to VI being very dark) the type of peeling is selected. Some problem requires single session whereas others may need several sessions of peelings. For any peeling the skin needs to be prepared before and protected afterwards to minimize skin damage.
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