RFAL (BodyLite)- New technology for body contouring and skin tightening

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RFAL (BodyLite)- New technology for body contouring and skin tightening

Radiofrequency assisted liposculpturing is a new technology based on delivering bidirectional radiofrequency energy into the fat under the skin to liquefy it and gently heat the skin from below for tightening.

It has a specially designed hand piece that is comprised of two electrodes; the internal electrode is a fine cannula that penetrates the skin. The second electrode is in the form of a plate that is applied externally.  The radiofrequency is transmitted between the two electrodes in bipolar mode and the energy works on the intervening tissue. The liquefied fat is aspirated at the same time through the internal electrode.

In a single stage the fat is liquefied, aspirated and collagen is contracted. The RF energy is delivered in a large surface area for uniform heating of the dermal layers specifically in between the two electrodes preventing deeper damage. The machine also has temperature control mechanism that allows to achieve a target uniform temperature of 40-42 degrees that is scientifically known to cause collagen contraction

These unique features of RFAL make it safer, faster, more uniform and less traumatic.

In a nutshell BodyLite offers following-

1)      Lipolysis and Removal of fat

The machine allows the surgeon to monitor and control skin temperature (40-42 degrees C) to avoid thermal damage and at the same time maintain a higher internal temperature (60 degrees) that is required to liquefy the fat. There are several scientific papers that have compared the human fat tissue from an abdominoplasty patient, there one side was treated with RFAL and other side was treated by conventional method. The fat structure in treated area is more contracted, less dense and less bloody indicating a less traumatic fat aspiration.

2)      Blood coagulation to reduce bruising and improve healing

RF energy coagulates the superficial blood vessel thus reducing the bleeding even in large volume liposuction. This reduces bruising and swelling and helps recover quickly.

3)      Skin tightening

Because of efficient heating of the skin and sub dermal tissue there is skin tightening. Besides it also contracts the fibrous septa that run perpendicular to the skin in between the adipose tissue causing 3 dimensional skins tightening. Various studies shows the RFAL can cause 12-15% linear contraction but the 3rd dimensional contraction adds to total contraction of up to 42%.

This is far more that can be achieved by laser or any other device.

4)      Uniform & Safe result

The real time continuous measurement of skin temperature and internal impedance with feedback power control; the machine gives warning signals if there is over heating or disengagement of the electrodes. The machine also adjusts its energy output automatically based on the tissue resistance. All these factors increase the safety level and ensure a uniform contouring of the skin.

The graded audible signals of the machine make it a “Smart” machine to help surgeons prevent complications.

Clinical Indication of RFAL

 There are two types of electrodes NeckTite & BodyTite.


  • Double chin
  • Fatty Neck
  • Fat jaw line


  • Gynaecomastia
  • Abdominal fat reduction
  • Waist Contouring
  • Arm and Thigh Lift
  • PostPregnancy and Post weight loss Abdominal wall sagging
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