The Science behind a Successful Hair Transplant

//The Science behind a Successful Hair Transplant

The Science behind a Successful Hair Transplant

A person willing to have hair transplant, beauty is in the eye of that individual. What may seem like a natural look on your head and face? Hair transplant results are something you will live with for the rest of your life, so it is highly important to make the decisions from the very beginning. In order to receive best hair transplant results possible, it is very important to understand that a scientific and artistic approach is required to design a very realistic looking hairline. This means that surgeon must make exact incisions with proper angle for each follicular unit that ensures the placement of hairs will cause them to grow in the right directions. All hairs directions are different according to body regions where they are being inserted. So it is very important to find a surgeon who is well versed in both precision and creativity of hair transplant. The technique of hair transplant will also influence the results of your transplants. The more common and discomforting risks of hair transplants are unnatural looking hair line and scarring. If is done properly by an expert hand, people cannot tell a hair transplant has taken place, but if it is easily noticeable it means hair transplant is poor. Select a prestigious and devoted hair transplant center where you will find an experienced and highly skillful hair transplant surgeon, who can change your look dramatically.

Cocoona Hair Transplant Technique : Hairline Design: We are specialist to design Ultra Natural Hairline. We are well aware that hairline is the most visible part of your head and good hairline gives you more youthful appearance. Artistry and experienced hand when design you hairline, you will get a true natural look equally in mirror, photograph and in person. A hairline is so important because it designs fit one’s age, gender, ethnicity, facial features, head shape and that will age well over the time. Donor Harvesting: Carefully harvesting is of donor hair with protection of nerve and blood supply while maximizing harvesting yield are equally important to avoid bad hair transplant results. Sites Preparation: Perfect angle and direction, perfect pattern and perfect graft-to-site fit are the key to make your hair transplantation results as natural as possible. Graft Placement: placing your grafts under the supervision of an expert hair transplant surgeon provides you undetectable natural look. One and two follicular are placed in front, while three and four units are placed at top and back to provide maximum density. Our experienced team of graft placement help you to new leas of life.

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