Understanding Liposuction surgery

//Understanding Liposuction surgery

Understanding Liposuction surgery

vaser-liposuction-medical-tourismYou often see the celebrities especially from the movies world to be super skinny. Well, there is no doubt to the fact that they stick to their stern diet and exercise program, which keeps them fit and skinny. However, there are few who have achieved their flat tummies, the quarter bouncing buns and tight things in the office of the plastic surgeons though they may hesitate to share this to anyone. It’s not just the celebrities who opt for surgeries to look sleeker but other people too have chosen procedures like liposuction to get this look. Not only the developed nations like the US where people go for this cosmetic surgeries but also countries like UAE you can find hordes of people considering these options for all good reasons. Let’s have a look at the procedure of liposuction as under:

The basics of liposuction surgery

Liposuction is nothing but a surgical procedure, which involves removing of the fat from certain areas of the body in order to create the streamlined kind of shape in our body. The fat is usually located under the skin wherein it is deposited over the body as per the gender. For instance in men you would find the fats getting congregated over the buttocks, abdomen and chest areas whereas in women it is usually seen over the hips, buttocks, waist and breasts. You can find the fats in to two types of category – superficial and deep. Liposuction deals with making a number of smaller incisions and inserting a stainless and hollow steel tube known as cannula over the deep fate layer. Working on such layers can be called as a safer choice than working over the superficial layer since you have the risk of skin injuries. As you see cannula moving, it simply breaks the fat cell, which is further removed with the help of syringe or vacuum pump via suction.

The techniques of liposuction surgery

As far as the techniques of liposuction surgery are concerned, you have basically four types of liposuction surgery. These include the Tumescent technique, super wet technique, ultrasound assisted liposuction usually known as UAL and lastly the power liposuction technique. Further, the ultraviolet assisted liposuction or UAL is divided into two types of ultrasound cannulas, which include the solid probe and the hollow core probe.

The benefits of Liposuction surgery

There are number of benefits of Liposuction surgery, which attracts people towards the procedures. These include safe removal of fat, reduced level of cellulite or improvement seen over the cellulite appearance. Your health is improved especially in terms of fat or weight loss. It helps in changing the way you appear and the way other people perceive you. It also help in boosting up your self esteem to a great extent and lastly talking about removing the sculpting areas of the body, which are hard to get rid by diet and exercise are simple to extract with the said surgery.

The risks of Liposuction surgery

Usually if you consider any experienced doctor who carries out the said procedure in a well equipped place, you are not supposed to face complications during the procedure. However, opting for any less experienced surgeon with poor medical facilities can bring in complications excessive blood or fluid loss or simply the fat or blood clots are witnessed after these procedures.

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