3 Main reasons for people to go for Liposuction Procedure

//3 Main reasons for people to go for Liposuction Procedure

3 Main reasons for people to go for Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is a very common procedure, not only in Dubai but also in the world. Cocoona itself performs approximately 355 liposuctions per year and it is increasing every year.

There are three main reasons for people to ask for liposuction-

  1. They are average or underweight but still has genetic deposits of fat such as saddle bags, arms etc
  2. They are moderately overweight and has stubborn areas of fat or fat that is causing disproportion eg double chin, chest areas, tummy, waist line, thighs, arms, ankles etc
  3. Obese patient who have excessively large abdomen or bulky thighs that makes it difficult for them to exercise due to its effect on the knee joints or simply unable to walk if the thighs are rubbing against each other

Liposuction can give excellent long term result in people who understand that liposuction is for reshaping of the body and not weight reduction and that after fat removal one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Liposuction procedure is very safe provided patient is healthy, a reasonable amount of fat is removed (less than 10% body weight) and from limited areas (less than 30% body surface areas).

The modern technique of liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. General anaesthesia is used in only special situations. There are technologies such as laser, ultrasonic, power assisted devices that help to emulsify the fat gently and remove easily using small diameter cannulas. This minimizes postoperative bruising, swelling and pain. The recovery is much quicker and people can return to work in 3-6 days time.

3 Dimensional Liposculpturing, waist liposculpturing, high definition liposculpturing are all specialized artistic procedures done in selective individuals to achieve perfect shape and silhouette of the body.

Facial Liposuction is also called as facial restructuring where excess fat is removed from jaw line, chin and neck and fat is injected in upper part of the face in people who have aging changes.

Dr Sanjay Says “It’s an art and helps many people to get the shape they desire”. He is the consultant plastic Surgeon in Cocoona Day Surgical centre, Dubai. He one of the know figure in the world of plactic surgery and has performed thousands of Liposuction dubai procedures in this practice. To reach Dr Sanjay Parashar, call +97143884589 or email: hello@cocoona.ae


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