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Good dental health and hygiene is a wise investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Having a bright and healthy smile not only enhances your looks but will also boost your confidence and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

At Cocoona Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of services for a beautiful and healthy smile for all ages. We believe that prevention is better than the cure, which is why we take such good care of our young patients to help instill good dental habits from an early age and encourage them to view a visit to the dentist as a pleasure rather than an unpleasant chore. For younger patients, we offer dental health and hygiene, orthodontic braces, fissure sealing and much more.

For adults, our dental clinic offers a high standard of general and cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and teeth whitening, as well as dental implants, crowns and bridges, orthodontics and general dentistry,

Whatever your age and whatever your dental health, you can rest assured that our dental clinic offers the best quality care from our team of experienced dental specialists, technicians and nurses in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

We have a team of highly qualified and trained general dentists, cosmetic dentists, orthodontists and dental implantologists.


At Cocoona Dental Clinic, we strive to promote and maintain good oral health for all our patients, from the oldest through to the youngest.

Our dentist consultations include a full medical history to identify any conditions that may have an impact on the patient’s dental needs, a thorough dental examination, radiographs, study models and photographs if necessary. Our team of experienced dentists will discuss all treatment options with you and provide a written estimate and treatment plan. Our general dentistry services include:

Scale and Polish:

Prevention is always better than the cure. Maintaining good dental hygiene and oral health is imperative in order to avoid the development of tooth decay, gum disease and other potentially painful issues. This is because most infections are caused from dental bacteria or viruses. Having your teeth properly cleaned every six months by a qualified dental professional will significantly help to prevent the risk of developing serious dental problems at a later date.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned involves the removal of tartar, which accumulates between the teeth and gums, and plaque, a soft film of bacteria that sits on the teeth. We use different techniques to clean our patient’s teeth efficiently and effectively, including:

Ultrasonic: Usually the first step in a professional clean, this non-invasive, painless procedure involves an ultrasonic instrument being moved along the surface of the teeth, emitting small vibrations to loosen large pieces of tartar which are then washed away with a cool water jet spray. The intensity of the ultrasonic frequency can be easily adjusted in line with your comfort levels.

Polishing: Once the above step is completed, the teeth are polished using a small instrument with a soft rubber cup attached to the end. A special gritty prophylaxis paste is applied which, coupled with the gentle pressure from the rotating rubber cup, successfully smoothes the outer surface of the teeth. This helps to clean the teeth completely and prevent various periodontal diseases, as well as giving your teeth an enviable sparkle.

Oral Hygiene Sessions:

How you clean and look after your teeth after you leave the dental clinic is critical for your oral health and hygiene. Our dental team is invested in the health of your teeth, and so they take the time to explain and demonstrate different methods to keep your mouth as fresh and healthy as possible.

Diet Analysis:

Diet has a huge impact on oral health. While this doesn’t mean that all sweet and sugary treats should be avoided at all times, changing the frequency, amounts and types of treats can make a huge difference to the health and appearance of your teeth.

Fissure Sealants:

Fissure Sealants cover the grooves and crevices on the surface of the molars to create a smooth surface. This discourages food and debris being trapped and start to cause tooth decay. This is a great investment to protect your children’s teeth and avoid potential treatment of cavities at a later stage.

Fluoride Application:

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen tooth enamel. Fluoride prevents tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks from the plaque bacteria and sugars naturally present in the mouth. Studies show that fluoride can even reverse the early signs of decay. After the age of six years, fluoride stops being naturally produced as the teeth develop, so having a topical application of Fluoride can help to safeguard your dental health.

It is important to note, however, that fluoride applications are not a replacement for poor dental hygiene practices and enjoying a healthy diet but will significantly decrease the risk of tooth decay and so helps to avoid the need for potentially expensive and uncomfortable dental treatment later on.

Oral Cancer Screening:

Oral cancer is treatable if detected at an early stage, with the majority of cases being identified by dentists during routine dental examinations. The Cocoona dental team are trained and experienced in spotting the early warning signs and so this is a very important feature of our dental examinations.


Very few people are born with the perfect smile. Even if you’ve been stringent about dental hygiene and never missed a dental check-up in your life, you may be troubled by discoloration of tooth enamel, staining caused by smoking or drinking coffee and tea, crooked teeth and/or an overbite, or from missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can fix any dental issues you have. Whatever your dental problems, our dental clinic can help to create a beautiful smile that you will be proud to show off to all and sundry!

Our cosmetic dentistry services and solutions include:

Teeth Whitening:

As we age, our teeth darken and start to lose the white enamel of their youth. Add lifestyle and diet to the mix, such as smoking and drinking tea, coffee, colas and fruit juices, and teeth become stained more quickly and start to look dull, all of which can add years to your appearance.

Professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist can give you a bright, white smile. We offer a range of options to choose from.

Veneers and Lumineers:

If you suffer from discoloration, spaces or gaps between your teeth, teeth that are worn down, chipped or broken, irregularly shaped teeth or if your smile is just suffering from general wear and tear, veneers may be the solution to restore your smile.

Made from wafer-thin layers of ceramic designed to match the natural colour and texture of your teeth, veneers are placed over your real teeth to create a uniform, even and attractive smile.

Hollywood Smile:

Most people wonder in awe looking at the amazing smile that celebrities have. How do they get their beautiful smile? The solution is the “Hollywood Smile”. It’s a complete Smile Makeover that gives you that perfect smile.

Our celebrity cosmetic dentist and smile makeover expert can help you achieve that dazzling smile.


Invisalign is an innovative treatment for correcting crooked teeth. They are nearly invisible, clear braces that are made from a special clear plastic. Being “invisible braces”, they allow people to correct their smile without having the obviously visible metal or ceramic braces.

We have a certified “Gold” Invisalign orthodontist who can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted without being conscious of your braces/ retainers.

Crowns and Bridges:

Crowns and bridges help to fill in any unsightly gaps in your teeth, either caused by a previous accident or the loss of one or more teeth to decay, gum disease or similar. Both crowns and bridges are designed to match your natural teeth, leaving you with a totally revitalized, 100 per cent natural-looking smile.



General Dentist & Implantologist

Visiting the dentist is fun with Dr. Ashee; UK qualified Dental Implantologist; passionate about working with kids; champion of oral hygiene in kids


General Dentist & Orthodontist

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General Dentist

Young, talented, committed – that’s Dr. Homeira; experienced general dentist, she makes patients of all ages feel comfortable and satisfied


General Dentist & Implantologist

Confident & enthusiastic, with training and practice experience in 4 countries; dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, his work speaks for itself


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    Dear Cocoona & Dr. Sanjay, Thank you so much for my Breast Augmentation procedure. Its 1 month on and I could not be happier with the result . All the way through from the initial consultation to the post op checkups, all your staff has been wonderful. The Dubai London Clinic for the surgery was fantastic. I would definitely recommend to others to Cocoona. Now if you could fix my handwriting skills please?
    Thanks again.

    Dear Lovely Staff of Cocoona, I love the environment of the Clinic, staff is so beautiful & positive always smiling. And Dr. Sanjay is the best, friendly, positive & smart. I am very happy with the procedure that I have done & I strongly recommend anyone who is reading these to please “go for it”. Mini and the other Nurses around are dolls, cute and positive. Love the All!
    Thank you & Best Regards

    I want to thank you for the great effort and expertise that you put in the hair transplant procedure which you did on me. You have fixed a big cut from a previous, very bad hair transplant in Jordan. It kept me very nervous and uncomfortable for very long time. Now, after conducting this surgery by you, I feel very very happy because the cut is almost gone. I like your personality and professionalism. I am really glad that I made a decision to come to Dubai and conduct the surgery at Cocoona Clinic Thank you very much.

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