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what’s covered under our patient safety assurance

Plastic Surgery gone wrong has always been in the limelight in our industry. While patient Safety is a collective responsibility of the all – the surgeon, nurses, administrative staff and patient. The biggest concern for it is for the Patient, as it is for them who go under the knife. Cocoona has decided to take another step forward and be the first in the industry to address this concern. We will be offering patients, assurance for the safety and will be covering listed post-operative complications for the patients. It will be like an insurance and will cover upto a limit of 50,000 AED.

Looking at Cocoona’s internal protocols, safety guidelines, surgeon’s credentials and history of a very low complication rate – less than 0.8 percent annually. All patients that undergo surgery, will be given the opportunity to sign-up for this. This is important, so they know what is covered and what is not. For more details for what is covered, please continue reading.

how the safety assurance works

The Safety Assurance is a contract between you (the patient) and Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation and Cocoona Day Surgical Centre. Cocoona will treat the complications if covered under the scope of this assurance. The Assurance is to patients that undergo treatment at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation or Cocoona Day surgical Centre. It is valid for upto 10 days from the Original Discharge Date. The assurance does not cover all possible events and expenses.



it covers

Emergency medical expense for Complication(s) from Medical Treatment (surgery) at Cocoona Dubai.

Upto AED 50,000 is covered towards cost of additional necessary medical expenses* due to a Complication after the planned procedure that requires an emergency readmission that was unplanned and entirely fortuitous.

Please note, the cover is only for treatment expenses and will in no circumstance will be reimbursed in cash or kind. Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation will decide the best treatment of the unexpected complication and treat the patient in their premise or a hospital as needed.

The patient should approach Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic transformation at the first opportunity to inform us about the unexpected complication. However, if the patient thinks it a life threatening complication, he/she should rush to the nearest hospital immediately and inform Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation within 24 hours of reporting to the hospital.


it doesn’t cover

The Cocoona Patient Safety Assurance does not cover everything. The patient should read the documentation carefully to make sure they understand what is covered. If there is anything they do not understand they should call us by telephone (From UAE 800362636, from outside UAE  +97143941090 or write to [email protected])

The assurance does not cover complications related to pre-existing medical conditions or anything that is not related to the procedure performed or has happened due to patient negligence or error. Please note this is not an insurance policy, we advise you to carry your own medical and/or  life insurance, as you deem fit. Also there will be no monetary compensation, we however will treat the complication at our own expense. In most cases we will treat the patient at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation. In case special care is needed and hospitalization or a third party medical facility is required to assist, we will settle the expenses directly with medical facility or hospital, upto the assured amount (50,000 AED).

what is a complication

A physical complication(s) arising after the Scheduled Medical Treatment. Complication(s} will only be covered if it occurs after the Original Discharge Date and within 10 days and the patient has followed all pre- and post-operative medical advice including attending all Post-Operative Examination visits and taking all prescribed medication and lifestyle recommendation.

Complications are events that occur rarely, Excessive Bleeding, Haematoma, Abscess, Cellulitis, Skin Loss, Wound Disruption.


A pre-existing condition means:

  • An ongoing medical or dental treatment or dental condition which you are aware or related complication you have, or the symptoms of which you are aware about.
  • A medical condition that is currently being, or has been investigated, or treated by a health professional (including dentist and chiropractor) prior to going under surgery or treatment at Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation.
  • Any condition for which you take prescribed medicine or see a medical specialist Any condition for which you have had surgery.
  • Any medical Condition which is discovered during the pre-surgery or treatment evaluation and is notified to.

exclusions relating
to your health

  1. You will not be covered if you undergo the Scheduled Medical Treatment against the advice of a doctor/dentist/therapist or where you would have been if you had sought their advice before undergoing the Scheduled Medical Treatment
  2. You will not be covered if you fail to disclose to the treating doctor/dentist/therapist carrying out the Medical Treatment any pre-existing medical condition that would influence their opinion as to your medical fitness to undergo and recover from the Scheduled Medical Treatment
  3. You will not be covered for any directly or indirectly related claim if, before your treatment, a doctor diagnosed that you have a terminal condition.
  4. You will not be covered, if you use drugs, consume alcohol excessively or area chronic smoker.

important note regarding infection

Post-operative infections shall only be considered a Complication(s) when the patient has been free from all infection for at least 7 days after their Original Discharge Date.

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    Dear Cocoona & Dr. Sanjay, Thank you so much for my Breast Augmentation procedure. Its 1 month on and I could not be happier with the result . All the way through from the initial consultation to the post op checkups, all your staff has been wonderful. The Dubai London Clinic for the surgery was fantastic. I would definitely recommend to others to Cocoona. Now if you could fix my handwriting skills please?
    Thanks again.

    Dear Lovely Staff of Cocoona, I love the environment of the Clinic, staff is so beautiful & positive always smiling. And Dr. Sanjay is the best, friendly, positive & smart. I am very happy with the procedure that I have done & I strongly recommend anyone who is reading these to please “go for it”. Mini and the other Nurses around are dolls, cute and positive. Love the All!
    Thank you & Best Regards

    I want to thank you for the great effort and expertise that you put in the hair transplant procedure which you did on me. You have fixed a big cut from a previous, very bad hair transplant in Jordan. It kept me very nervous and uncomfortable for very long time. Now, after conducting this surgery by you, I feel very very happy because the cut is almost gone. I like your personality and professionalism. I am really glad that I made a decision to come to Dubai and conduct the surgery at Cocoona Clinic Thank you very much.

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