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Best Liposuction in Dubai @ Cocoona DubaiRegular exercise and healthy eating can help most people achieve a desirable figure. However, for some losing weight can turn into an unceasing struggle against stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of exercise or diet can eliminate. This is where liposuction, or fat removal surgery, comes in.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure that helps people remove stubborn pockets of fat and remodel specific areas of the body. It’s an amazing procedure designed singularly to remove fat instantly.
Cocoona leads the field in liposuction in Dubai. Our solutions are extremely popular with our clientele and are typically used to treat problem areas like disproportionately large buttocks, thighs, tummies, “love-handles” as well as fat deposits on the arms, calves, knees, ankles, back, and even double chin. In terms of value, it is one of the quickest, safest and the most cost-effective means of getting rid of excess fat.

Liposuction in Detail:
Liposuction technically means sucking out fat from the body. Fat deposits occur because of many factors-
1. Genetic- such as bulky arms, double chin, saddle bags, These types of fat are seen sometimes in individuals even with normal weight or mildly overweight.
2. Excess calorie intake- This can lead to fat deposit in any part of the body. But typically it can have either
– Gynaecoid pattern- with deposits mainly in tummy, flanks, hips and thighs
– Android pattern- with deposits in upper part of body such as neck, chest, arms , shoulders and back.
3. Lack of Exercise- Where there is positive calorie balance.

What is Stubborn fat?
These are fat cells that are supposed to be “antilipolytic” which means they are not easily broken down and are secondary reservoirs of fat. “Lipolytic fat cells” are easy metabolized such as cheek fat, intraabdominal fat etc. There are three major ways to break down fat cells-
1. Exercise and Diet: It is the bottom line of fat metabolism. Regular exercise and balanced nutrition can help break down fat cells.
2. Noninvasive Insitu Lipolysis (Nonsurgical): which means the fat cells are broken down underneath the skin by using external energy devices

  • External Laser
  • High Intensity focused Ultrasound device
  • Combination devices consisting of laser, radiofrequency and mechanical devices to break down the fat
  • Injectables such as Phosphatidylcholine called as Injection lipolysis
  • CO2 insufflation under the skin called as carboxytherapy.
  • Cryolipolysis that uses freezing device

3. Invasive Insitu Lipolysis (Surgical):
This was started many decades ago using mechanical disruption of fat cells and use of high power vacuum to shear and extract the fat cells and is known as “Traditional Liposuction”.
The modern technique of liposuction involves liquefying or emulsifying the fat and then by extracting the fat using smaller cannulae and low power suction machine.

Technology based Liposuction:
There are many technologies that are available to cause lipolysis and make it easy to aspirate the fat, in addition to that many technologies help skin tightening.

Two basic methods:
A) Non Energy based devices
1. Vibrolipo (Liposuction assisted by compressed air) – This is on the principle of gentle and continuous movement of cannula insitu. The cannula vibrates and has a rotation and translation movements, which helps to breakdown the fat cells allowing a smooth aspiration.
2. Power assisted Liposuction- In this technology also the cannula automatically moves but has more reciprocating movements.
3. Water Jet assisted liposuction is fundamentally a new approach to break down the fat cells yet again, mechanically.
All the above three technologies have some pros and cons. These aid surgeons to use less of their own energy, making it less tiresome and more efficient. From a patients point of view, it is less traumatic and hence comfortable recovery.
B) Energy based Devices:
In this technologies are used to break down the fat cells by either heat energy or sound energy.
1. Laser assisted liposuction- In this technique various laser devices are used under the skin (Invasive) to emulsify the fat cells and allow easy suction using smaller cannulae and low power vacuum.The laser energy also helps to cause some skin tightening.
It is generally usefull for smaller areas requiring smaller volume of liposuction such as chin, neck, arms, small love handles etc
2. Radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL)- The device consists of two probles one in form of a small cannula that is used under the skin and an overlying probe that works on the skin surface.
The radiofrequency energy is released from the internal cannula and is transmitted though the fat and skin to overlying probe (Bipolar radiofrequency). The continuous wave of Rf energy produces gentle elevation of temperature (controlled) that not only melts the fat but also causes skin tightening.
This device is useful if there is large amount of excess skin or the skin tone is very poor. Ideally a skin excision procedure such as tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift is indicated. However the patient may not want a major surgery to prevent large scars and permit quick recovery. In such situation RFAL is a reasonable alternative.
3. Vaser assisted liposuction (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. )
Liposuction in Dubai @ Cocoona DubaiThis device uses ultrasound energy that casues fat lipolysis and skin contraction. The device produces high intensity ultrasound energy that causes mechanical and heat lysis of fat cells. It is very selective for fat tissue thus preventing any collateral damage.
It is very useful for tough fibrofatty tissue, secondary liposuction, large volume abdominal liposuction, high definition liposuction in men and women.

What is the ideal technology for Liposuction?

In my opinion there is no one technology that fits all needs, like it is said “one key does not fit all locks”.
I think it is dependent on the clinical condition, patient expectation, cost effectiveness, surgeon expertise and availability of technology.
Cocoona is equipped with almost all of the above technologies. We assess the patient, evaluate the condition of the fat and skin and choose an appropriate technology to provide desired outcome in the safest possible way. If you need liposuction in Dubai, you’ll be best taken care of at Cocoona.

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The Important Facts*
Length of Procedure 1-3 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthetic or light sedation (twilight anaesthesia) and local anaesthesia
Inpatient/Outpatient Day case or 1 night stay
Time off work 3+ days
Getting back to normal/sport 2+ weeks (Full recovery from swelling and bruising may take one to six months depending upon the amount of fat removed and the areas treated)
If you need to know more, Call 04 388 4589 or email
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Disclaimer: It is quite important to understand effectiveness, results, pain thresholds, associated risks, of a procedure, or treatment will differ patient to patient. Every patient is unique and his/her biological response to treatment is different. We always advise to have an individual one-on-one consultation with a qualified doctor before the procedure or treatment.