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The development of robotic hair transplant has advanced the regular FUE procedure in a significant manner. In addition to offering better and more satisfactory results, this technology has minimized the pain and scarring caused to the patients. This is one of the major reasons why ARTAS robotic hair transplant is becoming a preferred choice for most hair loss patients.

artas robotic hair transplant dubaiWhat Is ARTAS

ARTAS is an innovative robotic hair transplant technology ensures minimally invasive hair weaving to create a natural and aesthetic look. It is the first and only system of its kind that uses image-guided robotics to enable precise dissection of hair follicles for physician-assisted hair transplantation. ARTAS technology is being successfully used by the physicians at Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai to transform the lives of patients suffering from premature baldness and hair loss.

The ARTAS Advantage

The ARTAS system offers various advantages over the traditional procedures. The most important of these are as follows.

  • It ensures a natural look through fuller hair and the most suitable hairline design created with minimal effort.
  • It minimizes the scarring and pain besides eliminating the need for stitches offering greater freedom for styling.
  • It delivers consistently accurate and safe results by minimizing the risk of error due to human fatigue or poor co-ordination.

ARTAS Hair Studio - Robotic Hair Transplant DubaiARTAS Hair Studio

ARTAS Hair studio is an interactive 3D application that enables the physicians performing the hair transplant procedure at Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai, to create a simulated model of the process. This is made possible with the high definition 3D imaging feature that enables physicians to use the actual pictures of the scalp of the patients to identify the best donor sites besides creating customized and aesthetic hairline designs.

ARTAS Harvesting

ARTAS Hair Harvesting for Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai

ARTAS offers a state-of-art robotic solution for harvesting hair in a more precise and quality oriented manner. The real time and rapid data updates about the location and characteristics of each hair follicle ensure that the physicians are able to harvest only the healthiest hair for better and faster re-growth. The automated dissection of hair follicles accomplishes the task faster without harming the quality of the grafted hair.

ARTAS Site Making

In order to ensure better and natural hair transplant, the


physicians at Robotic Hair Transplant, Dubai, use the ARTAS system to prep the patient scalp to ensure maximum survival of the harvested hair. This is done through the ARTAS site making process which involves creating the most appropriate treatment designs to match the current condition of hair in the recipient area. Site Making is a meticulous task that ensures proper placement of hair follicles in the right manner and location for an aesthetic outcome.

Precision And Accuracy

Amongst the various advantages offered by ARTAS robotic is the high level of precision and accuracy with which the process is completed. The system is provided with various features including stereoscopic vision, artificial intelligence and 3D imaging to ensure micron-level precision. The robotic processes are designed to provide maximum accuracy without any risk of error resulting from human miscalculation and fatigue.

Depth And Angle

The ARTAS robotic system provides more satisfactory hair transplant results as it analyzes the angle and depth at which each hair follicle needs to be implanted for maximum growth. The treatment design created through Site Making combined with the high definition stereoscopic vision enables the physicians to implant every single follicle at the exact location and in the correct angel to ensure a denser and natural look.

Patient Experience

The use of ARTAS robotic technology has enhanced the hair transplant experience of countless patients. It is a state-of-the-art system that is being used by physicians at Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai to help people suffering from premature baldness to get a perfect look. This minimally invasive procedure eliminates most drawbacks associated with traditional FUE methods to meet patient expectations.

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