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Best Facial Injections or Facial Fillers in Dubai

anti aging shots Dubai - Fillers in Dubai - Filler Injections Dubai - Cocoona Plastic Surgery CentreThe concept of beauty is based on the symmetry of a person's face, including the height of one's cheek bones and proportionally narrow jaw line. Unfortunately, as we age, we begin to develop smile lines and a heavy jaw line from the accumulation of excess fat. If you are looking for the best place to get fillers in Dubai - Cocoona offers a variety of simple solutions to regain your youthful looks, including :

  • Fillers for facial contouring
  • Biolysis injections to eliminate the excess lower facial fat
  • Carbon Dioxide therapy for tightening the skin and slimming the lower face
  • Power Shape for a double chin
  • Twin polar Radiofrequency for slimming, smoothing and tightening of the face

Liquid Face Lift (Facial Injection for Wrinkle reductions and Fillers)

 We all want to look young and fresh, No matter what our chronological age is. As long as our heart and mind is young we need to look young. The most give away sign of aging is the "Golden triangle of face"-lines around the eyes and mouth. Deep under eye circles, eye bags, smile lines, deep lines side of the nose, droopy mouth and jowls. These are some of the problems that come with age, lifestyle, and environmental factors etc

People are either looking at your eyes or lips and that's when they notice and tend to judge you. An immediate impression is formed about your age, energy, and fatigue level. Often you feel well rested and full of energy, but to others you look tired. Reducing these signs of stress is highly motivational to people who suffer from such problems. Softening of these lines make them look fresh and feel more confident. Liquid potions such as fillers and facial injections (wrinkle reductions) are wonderful medicine to reduce the aging signs.

Fillers such as Hyaluronic acid based gel like material gives volume to face and subtly lift the face. It helps to fill up unevenness, folds and wrinkles. The key to a successful treatment with Anti Aging injections and fillers is to keep the aesthetic balance of the face. The myth that Facial injections for wrinkle reduction and Fillers makes the face like mask or looks unnatural is not true with an expert.

Facial injections (wrinkle reductions)relaxes muscles, reduces stress on the face and to some extent lift the skin up. It does need a certain level of expertise and knowledge to understand the dynamics of the face and treat it safely with Facial injections (wrinkle reductions). Risks are minimum when the treatment is performed by experienced and qualified specialists.

The procedure takes 20-40 minutes and is performed under topical anaesthesia the effects are visible in 3-5 days and can be long lasting.

If you are looking for facial fillers in Dubai or filler injections or any other kind of facial contouring solutions, get in touch with us for expert treatment and best results.

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