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 Laser hair reduction is the most modern method to remove unwanted hair for longer and even indefinite periods of time. The science of Laser hair reduction is based on proven facts surrounding the "Theory of Selective Photothermolysis" - hair can Laser Hair Removal Dubaibe successfully targeted with the wavelength of light energy.

Laser hair reduction is most effective on people who have light skin and dark brown/black hair, plus it works better on coarse hair rather than fine hair. Basically, laser hair reduction effectively slows hair growth. It usually takes 6 to 8 sessions to provide an extended hair-free period. Maintenance treatments may be needed twice a year. New Revolution in the concept of Dual Sources Hair Removal. A unique Technology that meet every demand is stopped at Cocoona Aesthetic Transformation Centre station. Physicians all over the world agree that the Alexandrite and Nd: YAG wavelengths are the most efficient for laser hair removal. Alexandrite is recognized as one of the most effective laser for hair removal in thin hairs and fair skins, while the Nd: YAG laser is the widely used for treating thick hairs and dark skins. We are at Cocoona introducing a NEW Alexandrite source: is 25% more faster and more powerful than any other laser in the market! Two new powerful laser systems are most powerful for hair removal offering an incredible laser platform with the fastest Alexandrite with a 150 W Nd:YAG laser. Both systems can work for a large number of hand pieces, the user can easily customize the system for his needs and any skin type with very wise feature of cutting the laser pulses for safer work on the skin. Cocoona has always tried to give the BEST to our patients. This is an attempt to give a world class service in Laser Hair Reduction. Special Features of Our laser Machine:
  • Pain Free laser hair reduction
  • No Burning, quick and safe.
  • Solution for all Hair type
  • The first and only Alexandrite laser with fractioned emission of the pulse.
  • The largest spot size in the world for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers in Synchro Repla:y 3.4 and HP
  • Experienced & qualified staff
  • Comfortable Private Sanctuary with a touch of luxury

Currently there are several types of lasers that have been approved by the FDA. As everyone is unique and will react differently to the laser,

we also offer two separate laser solutions:

The Alexandrite Laser is the fastest of the laser systems and is good for treating large body areas in patients with light-to-olive complexion and is effective on fine hair as well. This is one of the most widely used lasers for hair reduction. The long pulse Nd:YAG laser can be safely used on all skin types, including tanned and dark skin. Large coverage areas and fast repetition rates allow large areas to be treated quickly.
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