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Get Joint/ Knee Replacement in Dubai Done Through Expert Surgeons

A joint or articulation in your body is the location at which the bones connect except for the skull, sacral, sterna and pelvic bones. They are constructed to favour movement and provide mechanical support. We at Cocoona have world class doctors with expert knowledge to deal with the various joint issues faced by a patient.

Joints can get withered or damaged by arthritis or some other diseases or injuries. This can result in stiffness, pain and swelling. These can limit the blood flow to the bones and will cease to grow or repair themselves. In minor cases, our doctors prescribe some drugs and therapies. But, if you have constant pain and your joints become immobile, joint replacement is often the answer. Cocoona Dubai owns world class detection and diagnostic equipment to deal with orthopedic issues especially for joint problems.

Types of joint replacements handled by our doctors:

Hip, shoulder and knee replacements are the most common types of joint surgeries. If you are undergoing a hip replacement, your hip socket and the ball or head of the thigh bone is replaced surgically. Knee replacement is often done to treat patients with end-stage arthritis. Shoulder joint replacement often is a result of severe forms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

The surgical team at our centre will replace your damaged joint with prosthesis. Joint replacement surgery depends on the extent of damage of your joint. A knee or a hip replacement may take 2 hours or less unless there s a complication. At Cocoona, Dubai we have expert anaesthesiologists who take the responsibility to give you a painless experience during the operation.

After The Surgery:

After a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, you will probably need to stay for a few days in the hospital. An elderly person may have to be detained for several weeks in the hospital. Often after the surgery you can walk slowly or with the help of crutches with some temporary pain which is due to the muscles being weak which can be healed with medicine. We have an excellent team of nurses and attendants here who will take complete care of the patient.

Though the success rate of any joint replacement surgery depends on the daily chores and the lifestyle you follow post surgery or joint replacement, we take the responsibility to heal you completely to make your lifestyle normal and our doctors will guide you thoroughly to get recovery as soon as possible. The attending doctor will always be available for you to aid you in your recovery. Joint replacement is generally a success among most of the people who undertake it.

We take complete care:

Complete care is given to the patients and all precautions are taken while performing the surgery. The specialized monitoring equipments help the doctors to take specialized care of the patients and provide specified solution to heal the affected parts. Call or write to us at Cocoona to know more about hip, shoulder or knee replacement in Dubai.

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