Artistic Liposuction

January 5, 2020 by Dr. Sanjay Parashar

Liposuction has been a very popular procedure for many years now. It has many different forms, techniques, goals and outcomes. But certainly, one new entity in Liposuction is changing the game. “HD Lipo”, two words that say a lot. This is something that could not only bring you to the work of a slim body, but also give you and impressive athlete look. It can be done to the abdomen, to create the so desired “6-Packs” or to create the “V-Line”, or to the arm, giving more definition to the muscles and boost the athletic look, or to the “soft-fit” look of a female abdomen to create the so desired mid line and flatten the lower abdomen, which gives an impressive change in just a fraction of time.

This does not mean that such liposuction would create something artificial that would just look like an athletic body, but in fact be fake fatty muscles, not at all, this technique just does the liposuction in a smart and artistic way which brings up your muscles to be much more visible and allow you to keep that athletic look for years after. Also, this technique uses a new generation ultrasonic waves, which are much safer for the skin and the body in general, and also induces skin tightening, overcoming the challenge of loose skin. It also permanently reduces the number of fat cells present in certain areas of the sculpted part of the body, and by that ensures that your results will last for years to come.

Undoubtedly, not just anyone can enjoy the benefits of this revolution. It takes two player to win this game. From one side, it takes an artistic and talented Plastic Surgeon, who has the knowledge, experience and proper equipment. This is not something that can just be routinely done by any plastic surgeon, without special training and special equipment, results are poor. On the other side, it takes a disciplined and motivated patient, who understands the concept of healthy living and the amount of effort needed to maintain a fit look, and trusts the surgeon enough and follow his instructions thoroughly in the early recovery period. With those two conditions being present in the equation, results tend to be stunning.

Most of these surgeries is done as “one day procedure”, meaning that you go home just a few hours after. And also means that the risk and inconvenience of general anesthesia is avoided.

Despite the fact that all this sounds easy to the common reader, you need to be very careful with the fake marketing present on the internet, promoting cheap and over promising solutions, which are not approved nor recognized by the international scientific medical society. Such treatment can have disastrous consequences, and cause permanent damage of your body that can never be completely fixed. Make sure your surgeon is properly licensed and certified by the scientific medical board in your country. Make sure that the procedure is done in a proper medical facility, respecting all strict standards of surgical sterility and general  cleanliness of working environment. Risking your health to save money is like jumping from a cliff into water that can be very shallow.

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