Hand Rejuvenation

January 5, 2020 by Dr. Sanjay Parashar


Most of the people bothered by ageing are concerned about their faces, Not knowing that there can be a discord between a rejuvenated face and old and haggard looking hands!

A youthful hand comprises smooth, hydrated and firm skin without the presence of visible veins, tendons, or textural changes.

What is an ageing hand? ✋?

As fat goes down over the years and collagen production slows down, hands get that “sunken” look: the skin becomes thinner, tendons and veins become more prominent, and wrinkles multiply — in other words, they look old. Sun exposure, pollution and wear and tear also play a big role.

Face might look young and fresh but the hands would reveal your true age. That realisation comes when you hold your hand up close to the face and you respond “oh oh” ????

Hence the concept of Holistic Anti Ageing (treating an ageing Face, Neck, Hands and Feet)

Treatment is in the form of :

  1. Improving skin color using Creams, Lasers, Chemical Peels
  2. Improving the skin texture by means of simple procedures like chemical peels, lasers (q switch, fractional CO2 laser, etc)
  3. Replenish the lost volume (Filling the hollowness) by means of injections like Fillers (Voluma, Radiesse), Fat transfer
  4. Treating those tiny, harmless; yet unsightly veins using Lasers or Sclerotherapy.

Beware : Your hands have nerves, vessels and tendons which might be affected if the injector does not have the knowledge of anatomy. Choose the right specialist plastic surgeon with the necessary expertise!

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