Facelift can help you look younger and eliminate signs of aging.

//Facelift can help you look younger and eliminate signs of aging.

Facelift can help you look younger and eliminate signs of aging.

Facial aging, tired look and dullness are common issues patients face beginning early third decade. The earliest sign of aging starts around eyes with tear trough, under eye circles and puffiness Later more signs are visible in the mid face with deepening of lines around the mouth, waviness of cheek area and marionette lines. Finally the changes start in the neck and forehead areas with howling, sagging of neck and brow sagging. Facial aging can be of two types Volumetric aging where there is displacement of fat. Fat  gets resorted in areas such as under eyes, cheeks and  temple areas. whereas it is accumulated to displaced to  other areas such as jowls, around the ears, neck and  chin areas skin laxity is due to loss of elasticity of skin and excessive wrinkling of the skin The facial rejuvenation differs in each condition. Volumetric aging requires volumetric lift such as lipo structuring and fat grafting also called as liquid lift. Whereas excessive sagging and creasing requires skin lift called as Facelift.   Type of Facelift:
  1. Conventional Facelift
  2. MACS lift of Short Scar Facelift
  3. Sort scan neck lift
  4. Temp Lift
  5. S Lift
  6. Feather lift
  7. Facelift by Endoscopy
  8. U lift
  Cocoona Day Surgical centre specializes in Facelift procedure and offers all the above ways in a safe and effective manner. For any questions related to Facelift and enquiries, please reach Dr Sanjay Parashar (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) and his team of expert plastic surgeon. Email: hello@cocoona.ae Call: +97143884589
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