Groom Your Body for Summer

//Groom Your Body for Summer

Groom Your Body for Summer

Groom the Under Arms this Summer with Cocoona Under-Arm Rejuvenation Program We offer combination program to rejuvenate & prepare the Underarms for Summer. The three underarm problems often faced are: 1.    Unwanted Hair 2.    Discoloration of the skin 3.    Excessive Sweating We offer State-of-art Lasers for Hair Reduction Program of 4 sessions with 20% discount, this once a month treatment will help you get free from unwanted hair. The special skin-whitening peels to lighten the skin on under-arms that is designed only for the sensitive areas. Also, we offer anti aging shots treatment to reduce excessive sweating. Get your Body Ready for the beach with Cocoona Body Toning Program Do the Small Banana Bulges and Dimples on the thighs keep you from enjoying the beautiful Beaches of Dubai? At Cocoona we offer Combination of technologies to combat the two gruesome concerns of Volume and Cellulites on the thighs, especially on back of the thighs. To address these Cocoona has specially designed not only to dissolve and drain the fats but also the mechanically damage them. To obtain maximum benefits, we use technologies like Power-Shape, Ultra Sound Cavitation and Carboxy therapy to Damage, Dissolve and Drain the fats and cellulites. Unwanted Hair! Is something that is faced by everyone.    At Cocoona we offer State-of-art Lasers for Hair Reduction Programs both for Men and Women. We use combination of Lasers for the better results. Considering the fact that men have different areas of concerns then Women, we have designed special programs for Men that range from AED1440 to AED10200 that includes Ears, Back & Shoulders, Arms, Chest and Abdomen. And for Women, Special discount of 20% on 4 sessions on any area of concerns or 30% discount on Full Body Package.
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