How should a Rhinoplasty Surgery Journey be? Dr Sanjay Parashar at Cocoona describes in detail.

//How should a Rhinoplasty Surgery Journey be? Dr Sanjay Parashar at Cocoona describes in detail.

How should a Rhinoplasty Surgery Journey be? Dr Sanjay Parashar at Cocoona describes in detail.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming very common these days. People are looking to enhance themselves and choosing plastic surgery for their aspirations. In general we notice there are not proper rules of fixed protocols that a surgeon or a centre follows. Dr Sanjay Parashar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Cocoona Day Surgical centre has defined “Set Protocols and steps” that a patient goes through from the time they reach him and till them time they step-out the centre.

This helps in gathering all the details, assessment by the doctor, all myths and confusion clarifications, detailed examination, expectation settings and plan for the surgery, team involved with various roles.

All these are combined in a 5 Step process:

  1. Starts will all questions on Rhinoplasty or nose job. Example, need of nose surgery, what you don’t like about your nose? What are your expectations? What’s your medical history?
  2. Examination in detail and make a custom made plan for each individual.
  3. Expert’s opinion and description on this amazing surgical procedure. You get to see the in-and-out about the procedure. Dr Sanjay will share his valuable insights and experience.
  4. Counselling and Nursing team’s role in taking this forward to follow all protocols to schedule the surgery
  5. The Final Step, surgery and post op care
  1. All the above 5 steps are followed in details covering all the aspects details, safety, results, method used, facility usage, expectations on outcomes, what to avoid, risk of the surgery and more.  Rhinoplasty in Dubai is becoming very popular and people are opting for these results because of the latest techniques used, natural looking results, personality improvement and many more reasons. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery or nose job is a safe cosmetic procedure that eliminates, humps, straighten the nose, reduce breathing problems, reduce a big nose, some refinements, tip corrections. All these problems can be addressed after a careful examination.  An experienced plastic surgeon can give the bets advice and predict the results. So choose a surgeon is a key, though you might be spending a little more but it will be worth-it.  Ask for before after results, ask to doctors credentials, ask for his experience, research his reputation online etc. KEY is to be in safe hands and get it done RIGHT the first time.Reach Cocoona’s team of Consultant plastic Surgeons for this procedure. Questions and pictures can be sent to or call +9714388589.
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