“Modern Rhinoplasty or Nose Job” did with finesse can be surprisingly magical in the result.

//“Modern Rhinoplasty or Nose Job” did with finesse can be surprisingly magical in the result.

“Modern Rhinoplasty or Nose Job” did with finesse can be surprisingly magical in the result.

The nose is the central feature on one’s face and as such occupies a prominent place in facial beauty and aesthetics. Surgery to improve the nose is called Rhinoplasty. It is an effective and powerful procedure but needs to be done with finesse.  It needs an artistic surgeon with good manual skills and sound judgment borne out of long experience.  Success and failure are measured in millimeters. With refined technique, predictability is increased and the element of uncertainty is decreased. It used to be said that noses have a mind of their own and that rhinoplasty is the most difficult operation in plastic surgery. It was also difficult to teach and learn. With the advent of open rhinoplasty, a better exposure of the structures could be done and a greater precision and predictability was obtained. However the closed internal method is still valid and practiced well by experts. How should one choose a Plastic Surgeon ? They should look for his experience? How many surgeries performed? How are the results? How is the surgeons approach in counseling the patients? Does he has a custom plan for you? How are his credentials? How are the reviews? How is the centre or the surgical facility? All the above questions can help an individual fine the right plastic surgeon for this procedure. Secondly they also need to prepare themselves for this surgery. Patient need to introspect and analyze what are they looking for? What expectation do they have and are they prepared for this? Do they understand the procedure and are they doing it for their self aspiration? Who is the right candidate for Rhinoplasty or nose job or nose surgery? This is a big question and an important question to be answered. If an individual is getting it done for someone else or assuming it will help him in his career or will fetch him wonders, then he is not the right candidate. So please do not opt this surgical procedure to impress others. It’s very important to first identify why as an individual you would like to go for this surgery. If you are clear with the reason, aspiration, what you would get post the surgery, how will it change your facial appearance, will you be able to handle if the result does not come-up to your mark. All these are the questions that should have an clear and confirmed answers to be treated as the correct candidate for Nose surgery. Then the next step to take the advice from the plastic surgeon on what to expect, what are the limitations, what are the outcomes, and are you a suitable candidate fort this procedure. So it’s very important to choose a surgeon who is well experience, have a custom plan for each individual, who has an artistic eye, safe hands, and an ability to read the results while the consultation is done. What to expect after rhinoplasty? Minimal pain but swelling under the eyes, slight blood ooze in the nose for the first 3 days are normal. There will be a splint on top of the nose for a week. When it comes off the new nose may look a bit odd, swollen and a bit numb. If all is well, it should start looking good by the third week. There is still scope for further improvement till a full year. Your doctor will advise you about massaging the nose in s a specific way to reduce swelling. Remember, there are 10% chances on an average that a nose job procedure can go wrong or does not come to the expectation. So its important to “Do it right the first time”. Modern rhinoplasty done with experience surgeon can be marvelous and sometimes life changing procedure for many individuals. So choose the right surgeon & reputed centre go for this procedure. Cocoona Day Surgical centre is equipped with the world class surgical facility, Experience Consultant Plastic Surgeons, with years of experience, custom made plan for each individual and an artistic eye to give the desired results. Our surgeons are the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY and know for their work in Dubai. The team of Consultant plastic surgeons at Cocoona Day Surgical centre provides an honest advice and guidance for each individual to take the right decision.  Call +97143884589 or email hello@cocoona.ae for any clarity and question you have on this procedure.
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