Dubai Fitness Challenge is here – Time to take our health seriously

November 9, 2020 by Dr. Sanjay Parashar

Right Nutrients in right composition at right time can make a big difference in your workout performance 

There are certain foods which should not be had before the sports event or a workout as it may drastically affects your performance are:

  • No High-fiber foods like Whole-grain foods, vegetables, legumes, and fruits that are high in fiber can cause gastrointestinal distress or diarrhea.
  • No High-fat and protein foods: These foods are best post workout but not before the exercise as they take longer time to digest and stay in the stomach for longer time. This makes you feel uncomfortable while working out. Foods with a lot of fat — such as fried foods, cheese, hamburgers, or bacon can also make u feel sluggish.
  • Caffeine: Coffee or other caffeinated beverages can cause stomach issues or diarrhea. Instead, stick to plain water or electrolyte based fluids like isotonic drinks.
  • Don’t overeat before workout . Everybody has different dietary needs. So to be sure talk to your healthcare professional about eating and exercise, since exercise has a serious impact on your body’s processes.
  • Avoid aerated drinks like soda or alcohol . As these are diuretic and can lead to quick water loss from your body . Also soda is high in sugar and it can spike your insulin levels, and throw your system off balance.
  • Avoid Pain killers before exercise. It can lead to intestinal injuries.
  • No Gas forming foods – like broccoli ,beans ,legumes ,cabbage can make you uncomfortable while exercising .At times can also lead to reflux.
  • No Spicy foods as can cause heart burn or reflux while doing any kind of cardio activity. Prefer to have simply salted mild flavored foods.

Selection of the right foods for pre work out meal can enhance your workout performance. Remember carbohydrates should be the main component of your pre workout meal.

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