New approach to Obesity Management

October 5, 2020 by Dr. Sanjay Parashar

“GROW MODEL” for your weight loss journey

Obesity is a chronic disease & its management should include not just losing weight but how to maintain the lost weight.

Dr Girish, weight loss surgeon Dubai apply the GROW model of coaching with good results in obesity management, (the GROW model, by Graham Alexander, is one of the commonly used models of performance coaching). it has 4 steps

G- Goal setting

R- Options

O- Reality check

W- Will

He believes that weight loss is a journey & as a bariatric surgeon along with his team he can help in planning and execution of this journey with excellent results.

In his words– Generally in first consultation ( I label it as exchange consultation) I make you understand  where you are (Reality check) & i learn from you that where you  would like to be (Goal setting),then offer you the various means  available to you (Options), and finally, help you to focus & develop determination along with behavior change(Will) to start  the journey with me & my team.

Dr Girish (best bariatric surgeon Dubai) is practicing obesity surgery/ management since 2005 in UAE (rich experience) with excellent results in his patients that makes him one of safest bariatric surgeon in the Dubai with a follow-up of each case by his team.

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