Post Examination, wefound that she had Grade 2 deviation of nose. The nasal bony pyramid was completely off mid-line pointing towards right and her cartilaginous framework has “S” Shaped curve that was blocking her air passage completely. In profile view, her nose was too long and almost touching her lips in the shape of “parrot beak”. She had abnormally placed eyes called as “telecanthus”. Her CT Scan was abnormal showing overossified bones of the nose, with very small frontal and maxillary sinuses.  I am sharing these images with you.

An extensive surgery was performed where I opened her nose by the classical open tip approach to find abnormally deviated cartilages, dislocated and deformed with thick and crooked ethmoid bone. I performed an innovative extracorpeal (taking out of the body) septoplasty. I used the most advanced ultrasonic saw “bien air” to break the bones and straighten it. After fixing the bony pyramid I assembled the cartilages like a jigsaw puzzle to finally straighten it completely. I shortened the nose refined her tip and ensured the airways were open. I fixed an internal and external splint to support the structure.

10 days later the splint were out and she had a perfectly straight nose with normal breathing capabilities.

She returned home with happy parents and sent me flowers to express her happiness.  If you want to know more about nose reconstruction / rhinoplasty, please visit the link or reach me at my practice in Dubai or Delhi. I will be more that happy to assist you.